Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, guys the day is here. And I am literally peeing in my pants with excitement.

Here it is -

All Bower Power has moved!!!! AHHH!!

Go check it out at allbowerpower.wordpress.com

And don't forget to update your reader and your links - don't wanna loose you in the transition!

XO - Katie

Friday, June 5, 2009

15 under 50 Updated

Attention Atlanta-ites, Georgia-dwellers, scavengers of a good deal, and packrats from near & nearer. Bower Power's 15 under 50 has been updated with a bunch more...well, 15 technically...of great Craigslist finds for your lusting pleasure that won't break the bank.

Favorite find of the week:

An antique wardrobe with six intact drawers and a hanging rack on the opposite side. Since this puppy has some water damage, get ready to hone those refurb skills. Can't you just see how functional this piece could be in pretty much any room? Those little drawers could be holding table linens in a dining area, extra toiletries in a bathroom, or your gift wrapping goodies in the spare bedroom. And speaking of bathroom cabinets - if my crummy cabbie can look good after a couple layers of paint - so can this guy.

So kiss your restraint goodbye and go check out some good ole southern deals by clicking the 15under50 button on the sidebar :)