Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, guys the day is here. And I am literally peeing in my pants with excitement.

Here it is -

All Bower Power has moved!!!! AHHH!!

Go check it out at allbowerpower.wordpress.com

And don't forget to update your reader and your links - don't wanna loose you in the transition!

XO - Katie

Friday, June 5, 2009

15 under 50 Updated

Attention Atlanta-ites, Georgia-dwellers, scavengers of a good deal, and packrats from near & nearer. Bower Power's 15 under 50 has been updated with a bunch more...well, 15 technically...of great Craigslist finds for your lusting pleasure that won't break the bank.

Favorite find of the week:

An antique wardrobe with six intact drawers and a hanging rack on the opposite side. Since this puppy has some water damage, get ready to hone those refurb skills. Can't you just see how functional this piece could be in pretty much any room? Those little drawers could be holding table linens in a dining area, extra toiletries in a bathroom, or your gift wrapping goodies in the spare bedroom. And speaking of bathroom cabinets - if my crummy cabbie can look good after a couple layers of paint - so can this guy.

So kiss your restraint goodbye and go check out some good ole southern deals by clicking the 15under50 button on the sidebar :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Photoshopped Fun - Lyndsey's Ranch Exterior

I was thrilled to receive a sweet little note from Lyndsey. You might know her...she has a blog called All Things Fluffy, Fashionable & Famous. Yeah. She rocks. She is also rocking a new house. And a baby belly. I am pretty sure she had to turn down being the surrogate for Sarah Jessica Parker. She's that fab. I mean, SJP is pretty picky about her shoes. You can imagine that she ain't puttin her eggs in the wrong basket.

Anyhoo, here is Lyndsey's letter:

"Katie - Hey girl. I have to say I am quite the admirer of your blog (and your twin Sherry) and a fellow Georgian :) I love both of your styles and I just bought a house so I have lots of things to do and I am impatient and want them done NOW NOW NOW :) I have a couple of questions for you about several things and I was wondering if you would be willing to lend your advice. I don't really need a mood board, just several questions about what color to paint a room and my house desperately needs a new color (it's mostly brick but has some wood on it-it's old built in the 60s).

So basically I am inquiring about your interior design expertise :) and I love DIY! :)...
Let me know what we can work out girl. I am desperate for some advice :) Thanks - Lyndsey"

Lyndsey already painted her shutters a nice black and was hung up on the color of the door and the spa green colored siding. I guess the combo of a deep red door, a gray roof, red bricks, black shutters, and green siding had her brain spinning on the color wheel. Here is the photo before she tackled the shutter reno:

She really liked the idear of a red front door so I tried to come up with a couple options that incorporated a red door...but my favorite was the last one (no red paint on the door - ikes!).

I recommended that she go ahead and paint the door since she was up to her elbows in black paint anyway. I love how the door in black really gives the facade of the house some depth. And the green siding actually becomes more of a relaxing oasis for your eyes. Plus I told her that maybe she could plant a couple trees on either side of the porch to allow your eye relief from going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with the line of the smaller bushes. Note my photoshop skills with droppin in a couple trees...one bazillion points me.

And although option 1, a blue/red combo with an all-american feel and option 2, greige with an emphasis on gray...are sporting that red front door, they would require more work and I for one vote that pregnant people only sit and focus on growing that human.

So now comes your part - tell Lyndsey which one is your favorite. Voting is fun and burns calories. Sortof like growing someone else's baby...but less stretch marks :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woven Caddy

Scored this woven caddy/basket/whatchamacallit at HomeGoods for three bones, tres buckskins, a trio of beans. Not literal buckskins...eww. I only wish I could use lima beans. And bones? That is a little hardcore. But just a little.

Anyhoo...I got me a thingamajig at HomeGoods. Hated the little curly cue doomonkeys...so I bent them down outta sight with my giant guns. Guns = biceps (not boobs mom! sorry inside joke!) So here was the photo prior to me altering my purchase:

And afterwards I brainstormed how to use this poohamahickey. And I came up with silverware caddy. Just popped a dishtowel in with some silverware and instantly have a outdoor picnic utensil holder.

Or even placing it on a casual buffet for a bit of height and a little texture. (silverware down of course)

So what would you use this for? Anyone thinking candycane holder for Christmas caroling? Or what about hanging it in an extra bedroom with a bottle of chilled water for guests? I need brainstormers to throw out some ideas. Not actual stormy craniums....you know what I mean :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photoshopped Fun - Gia's Golden Bathroom

Gia of A Life in Progress emailed me telling me about her bathroom with the golden tile...here's her sweet little note:

"I have recently stumbled across your blog and must say that I absolutely love it and all of your decorating advice. I do not have the bargain-hunting knack, but I am getting there. Not sure how you handle giving out decorating advice, but I figured I would pose this question to you anyways, and maybe you could get back to me.

We recently bought our first house and have done LOTS of cosmetic work. We do not have the money to do a major bathroom overhaul, and I have two choices: I can either work with the yellow tile and brown cabinet and counter OR I can ignore it.

I want to lighten it up and would be willing to paint the cabinets (as they are the same ones in our kitchen that we painted) and walls again. I feel like it is too dark. The yellow tile is throughout the shower and on the floor.
What advice do you have to offer? Thanks! -Gia "

Gia already tackled this bathroom once and made some great improvements. Let's just say before it was like Anna Nicole minus the Trimspa...

Moving in the right direction, right?! Well, I downloaded her photos into photoshop and played. Here is what I came up with:

My favorite is Option 1 because of the beautiful Pottery Barn shower curtain which picks up the yellow of the vintage tile while still making the room look fresh and clean. And a couple coats of blue on the walls allows the yellow to become more of a neutral colors rather than an uber-dominating hue.

I also recommended that she switch out her brown floor rug for one in pearly white. That and remove the toilet rug...can you say drippage? yummy. And while she is incorporating white - a couple layers of white paint on that vanity will really allow the bathroom to appear lighter and brighter. Dontcha think?!

So which one is your favorite? Vote for one and tell us why you like that option best for Gia's golden child. I'm off. Suddenly I feel like eating a bowl of Honeycombs cereal....interesting :)

ABP Featured on FaveCrafts

I smiled so big when one of the editors at FaveCrafts asked me to contribute a craft project that my cheeks busted blood vessels. Seriously. It was disgusting.

After a little brainstorming, I came up with a craft that used materials that were oh-so-available; ala coins. Inspired by the movie Empire Records....which rocks with 90's awesomeness...in which a teen glues quarters to the floor, this project gives that idea a good hard kick in the pants. You don't need an artistic bone in your body...just spare change, a bit of hotglue and a frame.

Go check out some rad photos on how-to plus a little instructional commentary from yours truly. (that's me!) And I am sure your daddy-o will be proud to be display this piece of art (unlike the Disney tie that mysteriously got a giant Sharpie squiggly line on it). Plus, this gift looks expensive. And your #1 guy won't feel like you nickel and dimed him....but you totally did. Happy crafting ya'll!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fan Club

About a week ago, I became the official member of the 'Fan' Club. Sortof like The Babysitters Club but for girls over the age of 15.

I was able to pick up a few things for our master bedroom and this fun little fan, well, he was begging me to take him home...dirty little thing. No seriously. He was a hot mess. I broke out the Clorox wipes and got to business cleaning him up. Soon his soft turquoise finish and shiny red nose (hence the name Rudolph) were spick n span.

But that isn't the only thing I picked up on my travels. Oh no sloppy joe! I also found a lovely starfish at HomeGoods for $3 and a Pottery Barn Design Bedrooms book at the outlet for $6.

A little stacking action on the dresser across from our bed makes for a nice little vinette. Plus the PB book is a perfect little treat before bed - afterall, isn't eye candy better than real candy?! (jury still out on that one!) And after seeing the delish photos for a little bedroom inspiration...I went directly to Amazon to order the other Pottery Barn Design books which all have the loveliest shade of cream and brown to their uncovered binding.

Now to come up with something beautiful for the other side of the dresser. Maybe a big basket with a beautiful shade-loving plant. Or a lamp and a cake plate for all of my perfumes. What do you think? Any ideas out there?

Aww - Rudolph looks so cute perched there. He is such a classy kinda guy. And you can take one of these home with you too - via ebay. Just search for 'GE antique fan' and a bunch of different kinds come up. And when you bring your new guy into your bedroom...I have not a doubt in my mind that he will blow you away :) heehee! Happy Shopping!

Wanna see who else is a member of the Fan Club? Click here! (clue - have you voted today?)