Monday, June 30, 2008

Reese Witherspoon - Fashion Icon

Reese is exactly the type of gal Hollywood needs - classy, southern, fashionable, and funny. Oh yeah and she's a decent actor. The pic below is when she was fabulously featured in Elle Magazine. But here is some inspiration so you (if you have buckets of money) can be a little piece of Reese.

faux florals -
black frayed misfit stove pipe jeans - Sass & Bide jeans -
shoes -
jacket -
Mike & Chris Pacey silk top -
Celine Day One shoulder bag -
Patent Hoop earring -

I hope this inspires you Legally Blonde, brunette, and redheads to get out there, buy some Rendition of your own Witherspoon-like duds, and catch a Gyllenhaal of your own! And you girls that already have a stud - don't be afraid to step into Pleasantville and Walk the fine Line of fashion that will have all those southern boys yelling, SWEET HOME ALABAMA!

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