Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vacay Replay - Boslers, Birthdays & Bathing Suits

The boyfriend and I arrived late on a Friday night - yes - we conquered the eight hour drive from Atlanta to Orlando! We even had to drive through the eye of Tropical Storm Fay...which was pretty anti-climactic. Upon arrival, we did a little vacation dance and then went to bed.

Day 1 of Bower Power's Orlando Vacation was pretty low-key.

Swimming was the highlight. Here is a little illustration:

Sorry folks - no pics of me in the pool - I currently am in an argument with my bathing suit. She thinks its okay to push fat rolls out and I disagree.

Surprise! (I love that!) We got a surprise visit from the Boslers. What is a Bosler? Just the most fantastic Orlando transplants that you would ever get to meet! They were dear friends of the family since my infancy. My parents and the Boslers met in New Jersey, like two hundred years ago and we kids knew them as family. If you should ever get the priviledge to meet a Bosler - count your lucky stars cause that kinda quality doesn't happen often.

Here is a fuzzy pic of the visiting friends - sorry poor shot -

Knowing what mad party animals we are - more peeps show up. My Aunt Diane and her sons, Adam (with fiance in tow) and Aaron all the way from Tampa to be exact. We were bummed that my other cousin didn't come too - maybe next time.

Presenting Aunt Diane...

Yes - we had spaghetti - yum!

And we got to finish off the night with a birthday celebration! I love dessert! Overall it was a lot of fun (evidence: staying up till 2:30am with the cousins!)

Stay tuned folks - the best is yet to come (MICKEY MOUSE!!!!)

Vacay Replay - The Hot Spot

4,3o0,000 is a lot of photos! Sorting through them was quite a task - even with Bower Power in my back pocket! But just as promised, here is the beginning of our vacation summary that took place in a well-loved area of Orlando. Oh and keep coming back cause I got a ton of memories that I want to share!

Oh where to bout the hot little cookie that we (7 adults and 3 kids) called home for 7 days and 5 nights. Located in the gated community of Wyndam Palms, this rental was perfect for our adventure.

The house had on the main floor one bedroom that the boyfriend and I secured (only complaint - no ceiling fan! ugh!) and on the upper floor it had four bedrooms plus a master suite. The community was also equipped with a big shared pool, a game room, a store, workout facility and an office. It suited us just peachy!

When you walked in the front door - this cozy sitting area was to your right.

Behind that was the dining area - and yes we dined there :) It even had a cute "window" to peer into the kitchen...that surface was littered with the many family laptops and phones.

Fully equipped kitchen - it also had sliding glass doors that led to the screened-in pool & hot tub! I must say those doors ended up getting on everyone's nerves cause of the little kiddie safety alarm - the volume could wake up the neighbors! But safety first, right? and with three little ones, you can never be too sure!

Looking out from the kitchen was a "family room" - note that the tile floor was through this area - which was great! Little wet toes were in and out quite frequently so it definitely helped when cleaning up. And that doorknob on the left led to the large laundry room - we only did about ten loads while we were there - who knew our family went through towels like it was our job?!

Here are the only two bedrooms I got photos of - and their adorable occupants! Clara got the girly room but I think she actually spent more time in her parents bed than in her flower abode. Braden and Cole got the race car themed room and had an amazing time jumping from bed to bed to bed to bed and back again. I know...I heard their shrieks of joy!

And finally the pool and hot tub - the little water fall was fun :) The boys LOVED the pool and the best time was watching Cole and Clara who are learning to swim (!!!!)

Cole and Lori & Mom and Dad spent the entire week prior to the vacation on a work related trip. So they met us in Orlando after spending some quality beach time in West Palm Beach area. I don't really know all the details but I know Lori got some FABULOUS pictures with her new SLR camera...check em out!

That top one makes me laugh sooo hard - Cole looks like a baby beach model!

Anyway - there is the wrap up on the hot spot we stayed at - stay tuned for more fun vacay replays!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Girl's Best Friend

Mrs. Five Camels tagged me...bling tagged me to be exact. And who doesn't love a good game of tag when jewels are involved.

Here goes - my delish Elizabeth Taylor inspired jewelry box of my dreams.

Crystal encrusted hoops
Flower diamond studs
Thick chain silver ring
Amethyst ring (it's my birthstone and it is sooo pretty)
Pink pearl studs
and lastly - the most important piece of frosting that I already own - my lovely engagement ring.
I would be perfectly happy knowing that the ring on my finger is the only bling I will ever own... as Bon Jovi once sang -
"Diamond ring - wear it on your hand - it's gonna tell the world - I'm your only man".

Brillant Cut Crystal Award

You little stinkers! D at All Things G&D and Mrs. Five Camels apparently stumbled across Bower Power....YES!!! Someone else read at least ONE Bower Power blog post - and to top it off - they aren't even related to me! SCORE :)

Apparently these lovely ladies also give out unmerited compliments in the form of beautiful internet crystal pics...and I will take it! And hug it! And hold it! And love it!

I would like to begin my acceptance of this prestigous award with some recognition of those who made this all possible.

Thank my four readers - you know I'm talking to you - please keep coming back - I promise it will get better....hopefully.

Thank you to my husband - who without his complete infactuation with college and pro football, I would probably have no time to blog. All my bloggin time would be taken up with romantic dates, relaxing massages, and candlelight dinners.

Thank you to that 10 year old swim student and the entire country club swim team - without all those hundreds of people I would have never experienced my most embarrassing moment and quite possibly would have been placed on a path to a underdeveloped sense of humor.

Lastly - thank you tiny infant baby Jesus.

Sales & Specials 08.29.08

Labor day is upon us! But do not fret my pet (my Urkel moment)! On Labor day, the only laboring most of us do requires some caffiene, a credit card and an extra large buggy! So in order for you to get the most of your shopping experience - I have yet again compiled a list to make you go "WOW!"

So get rested tonight cause Labor Day sales don't last forever. If only! Just the thought of these great prices disappearing after Monday makes me uncomfortable. Do you think labor breathing would help?

Oha Runners - CB2 $9.95

Hudson Ladder Bookcase - Target $79.00

Lack sidetables - IKEA $6.99

Sealy Precision Firm Support Gusseted Pillow $9.99 BOGO

Navy Stripe Beach Towel - Pottery Barn $9.99

Peep Candleholder in Olivine - CB2 $1.95

Parsons 30" Seat Height Stool - JCPenney $69.99

Rocker Frame (un-upholstered) - Walmart $155.65

Bridgeport Bordered Pillow Cover Navy - Restoration Hardware $12.99

There you have it peeps. So get a shopping and don't forget to snap a pic with all your sales and specials to share with me - cause nobody loves a good deal like I do!

Thursday, August 28, 2008



Sorry about that folks - Bower Power was on a little trip! A trip to the happiest place on earth :) Yes - very soon we will have our own "Vacay Replay" to share all the juicy details of the vacation to Orlando, Disney, and a very romantic reunion with the Hotel o' Love! (also known as the engagement spot!).

Since 75% of the readers of this cheesy little blog were actually WITH me on the wee sabatical - I figured it would be cool to just take off without notice. And since we are back (with all 4.3 million photos in tow) I thought there will be no better way to catch up than to dedicate a full post to each day spent in the Sunshine State.

But until I can post the highlights (and lowlights) of our trip - here is a little teaser to keep you satisfied.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Announcement!

Congratulations to our good friends - Eric & Keisa Taylor

On Tuesday night around dinner time, Keisa started having the long awaited labor pains.

By 4 am, beautiful little Madilyn Kate was born.

Although Keisa was full term, Madi Kate was actually delivered a week earlier than expected. She is 19" long and weighs in at 7 lbs, 11 oz - me thinks she would have been a tough cookie to deliver if she had another week to grow!

The birth of Madi Kate actually made Tristan (7) a BIG BROTHER!! Tristan is actually Jeremy's favorite in Sunday School. He is very sweet and I am sure he will do a fine job in helping take care of his new little sister. Not that Keisa will need it - she is a nurse & the real Susie Homemaker. She does need to heal though - so you can pray for that!

We are very excited for the Taylors and actually got to visit with them on Madi's birthday with our friends - the Suters. Madi was so tiny! Jeremy got to hold her for a bit - first time holding a newbie! And that was only for a bit cause Brook & I couldn't hold her enough!!! The little bambino was so adorable I actually thought I could probably stick her in my jacket and make a run for it but alas - I didn't have keys :)

Babies are truly a miracle. Congratulations you guys! We love you!

Sales & Specials 08.22.08

El Cheapo here - back and rearing to go! I'm here to make sure you have some more fantastic finds that are easy on the pocketbook. Do people even call them pocketbooks anymore? or is that a serious faux pas? I bet it's like calling the car an 'automobile'..."Honey - Let's go to the automobile wash & get a good swab!" Well that just sounded British...go ahead try it with an English accent - it's jolly fun :)

Back to the point - which is that here at Bower Power we are celebrating #2 of this weeks reasonably priced internet finds - it's
And without further ado - here is the leading light in our very British Sales & Specials - the moodboard of bargains that takes the biscuit:

Microfiber Storage Ottoman in Tan - Target $24.99
10" Bamboo Dinner Plate - Hamptons Greens Bamboo 8 for $8.80
Piped Coverlet in Green Apple in Queen - Pottery Barn $89.99
Jungle Appetizer Plate - CB2 $.95
Hayworth Decanter - Restoration Hardware $23.49
Faux leather Club Chair with matching ottoman - Big Lots $129.99 AHHH!
Xing Carved Stool - Pier 1 Imports $49.98
Trio Table Lamp - Walmart $20
8x10 Otis Rug - Crate & Barrel $199

I actually went to Target to check out the ottoman and it is what it appears. The tan color is much more appealing than the brown so keep that in mind if you are headed to Also, at Target they have another storage ottoman on sale - featured in their Weekly deals. I couldn't find it at the store but it looks decent too. And it is under $20!

Moving on...

The bamboo plates are fabulous! I saw in BHG where they used them as chargers - el cheapo chargers - and they are consumer friendly for all you greenies out there!

And when it comes to that decanter - Let's just face the facts - Restoration Hardware is like totally super expensive. So to pay 24 bones for a glass water holder is pretty darn good. Plus you could add this to the guest room when friends come to visit and not only would they think - "Wow! My friend has got FANTASTIC taste but she also must love me cause I am getting totally pampered with such a gorgeous decanter!" Seriously - she will say


The club chair + ottoman + that price = Leg cramps as you knock over the little old ladies at Big Lots.

Have a grand time? Find you a steal or two? I sure hope so. And if you decide to incorporate any of SALES & SPECIALS items into your own abode - send me the pics - or throw me a comment so that I can jump up and down with you in thrifty celebration!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paint my barn red...and blue...and green...

Colors are tricky. Why sure, I could google "color combos" or "decor palettes" or even "what stinkin color should I paint my living room?" but is that really going to satisfy the likes of this internet surfing professional? No. That does not satiate this faux-decorator. (oh and I did google that last one - yea - lots of color-confusion out there!)

But there is one site we girls can always go to for the cure to our hue blues. Yes - let's say it :)

So what color is the barn o' pots sportin these days? I am so glad you asked.

Gray + wood tones

White + Chartreuse

Rusty Orange + Chocolate

Navy + Marigold

Stormy Blue + Harvest Yellow

Muted Green + Honey

Maybe you need some inspiration for your office or maybe you would love to change the walls in the bath - whatever your conundrum, check out the Benjamin Moore colors for 2008 and see how those designer whiz kids run with it. So go ahead - grab ahold of the PB trend and paint your red or green or blue!

Oh and if you decide to change your drab to fab - please share with me the pics - I love seeing results (especially ones I don't have to lift a finger for!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wood, The Bad & The Ugly

Yesterday my boss gave me this little ugly duckling of a cabinet - it is actually in great shape but it needs a little TLC in the worst way. And I am sure with a little Bower Power and the help of my three readers - this duck will find its way to swan-ville in the wood cabinet kingdom.

Here are my initial thoughts - those flowery things on the drawer front have got to go! The hardware needs replaced, the inside can feature a different paint affect and the glass could even sport a new little curtain mounted on the inside for a little storage privacy. Basically the brainwaves are going crazy here cause the whole thing needs to get a redo.
Originally I thought - let's sand it down a bit and paint the whole thing white (cause white is the fix all for all things home). Right? I don't know - I am running in circles :)

So help me peeps - here are some ideas that I thought might help inspire, stir thought, or create a whole new look for my ugly little cabbie.

how bout some fabric drawer fronts in a dramatic contrasty design?
Would my wood be pretty pearlescent?

How about a subtle white/yellow combo?

Here is a splash of sunny delight - will this fit?

Faux paint details can add interest - but mine is more ornate so no-go?

A neutral color with a splash of inner color - punchy interest or a punch in the mouth?

Painted wood the same color as the walls...blended or boring?

Decoupage details - fronts of fun or affronts to good taste?

Pastel paints on white - too girly or subtley feminine?

I need some input - I need your help - I need your furniture CPR.

It would be a shame to let this one fall by the wayside - I know if it goes into the basement (of death) it will never come out again until the yard sale signs are firmly on the corner.


Sales & Specials 08.19.08

Due to a brief stint in California, I was unable to do last Friday's Sales & Specials. But no worries! I am back safe and sound and ready and willing to feature TWO Sales & Specials this week. I know what you are thinking - Katie, are there really that many great deals out there to put together TWO moodboards of fabulous finds?! Why yes my two lovelies, there are! So fasten your seltbelt and put your tray tables in the upright position - Here is #1 :)

And for those of you paying attention - that fab yellow chair that is like a ray of sunshine in our doom of gloom - yea - that one. It's no longer available. BUT this one is! And I think that with a quick coat of spray paint your new wicker will be totally tricked out. And for less than the cost of the Pottery Barn version.
This is the time for your input - stocking up on hand soap for usable and greatsmelling gifts? Want to show how to turn that etsy art into nursery decor? This is your chance - I would love to see how you incorporate any of the cheapo finds (past or present) into your own life!

Al Fresco is Not a Guy's Name

Since Jeremy & I bought our home a little more than a year ago, I have been dreaming of entertaining outside in a quaint little paradise. Just the thought of a little dinner on a garden porch makes me salivate (not just for the food either!) In fact, I probably think about changing our backyard more than I think about refinishing our basement (which would be so much more practical). But I can't help it...nature is so addictive!

Problem enters: brown thumb alert. I can't keep anything alive. Jeremy's mom gave us two orchids and already those suckers have had a bit of a haircut due to rotting leaves.

Is there any gardeners out there that are willing to live in Atlanta? I can feed you! I make a mean striped delight!

Till the day my gardener comes forward - I will have to keep dreaming and drooling over the following beautiful Cottage Living outdoor entertaining areas.

threw the swing in just for fun :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jack Johnson

Blogging is powerful. Don't believe me? Well I blogged about this and my lovely husband surprised me with my very own Volunteer Tee earlier this week. Thank you baby - now I am ready for Neyland Stadium :)

**notice the olympic style hand flare - and a little open mouth celebration too (again!)

So just in case the hubbie wants to cross another wishlist item off the list - here is another item that I have been eyeing :)

Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams

If you haven't danced to Better Together with your own special someone - well - it's not too late! It can totally change their mood :)

For All Ages

Yearbook Yourself is a hoot! If you are having a rough day - nothing can cheer you up like a little afro with your face. How about Orange turned me on to this internet laughfest.

Check me out through the decades -

This sock hop is the boss!

My Daddie-O - he's the ginchiest!


I feel tha funk!


This hairstyle is the bombdigity!


Tightrolling is all that and a bag of chips.