Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tag - I'm it.

Emily over at Imperfect is pretty much the most hilarious blogger I know. I find myself wishing she didn't have to go get married cause she didn't post a blog entry for like a REALLY long time. I recommend meandering over into her neck of the woods if you have a free moment. Oh but go to the bathroom first cause she could totally make you have an accident.

Anyway - she tagged me and now I have tell six random here goes.
  1. I was born with an over sized head. The doctors actually thought that my head was large due to water on the brain. My mom (a responsible adult) took me to therapy for the mentally handicapped under the docs recommendation. She yanked me when she realized that I wasn't retarded. To this day I can't find a hat that fits.

  2. I am very uncomfortable around people that put clothes on their pets. I find that usually it means that the person believes the animal is another human or an accessory...both which I find very disturbing. After all, I am a carnivore.

  3. As a toddler I never developed the reflex of putting my hands out when I fall. My mom said that it was because I was overly lazy. I can believe that. Even now if you push me from behind, I am surfing the turf face first.

  4. Every weekend in college I would make a batch of fruit punch koolaid and drink the entire thing. in. one. day. I don't know why.

  5. This past year Jeremy and I hosted a Couples Halo Tournament. It was my idea. I even had a bracket system worked out for the fairness factor. It will probably be an annual event...hopefully.

  6. If I could choose only one condiment to use for the rest of my life it would be mustard. It goes with everything. Lunch meat. Burgers. Hotdogs. Pretzels. I think every white shirt I own has a mustard stain on it. Maybe I could get Emily to get them out cause I don't know how.

Here are the tagging rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you (i.e. me)
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write 6 random things about yourself
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Here are the peeps I am tagging. Austin at Seminal Psyche, Lori at It Matters, Mrs. Rauth at The Rauths, Happy Mommy at Mommy Talk and More, Pink Preppy Party Girl and ETXWife at Life So Sweet.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Wife's Guide to Fantasy Football

In the crisp autumn weather, like warewolves waiting for a full moon, our husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and fiances morph before our very eyes into a repulsively strange creature. This "man-imal" is as passionate as the vampire, as focused as the ninja, and as obsessed as the paparazzi in LA. What could make our loved ones turn into crazy madmen? What could dictate their every move? What could disable them to the point of complete and utter paralysis for hours on end?

The answer is Football.

And girls, I am here to offer help. I can help you break into the prison that is Fantasy Football so you can take your man back out to freedom with you. Yes there are risks involved but believe me it is sooo worth it. Do you love your husband? Do you want to spend time with your boyfriend? Do you get confused by the terms "mock draft", "key fantasy positions" and "roster management"? If you answered yes to these questions - Then this post is for you.

I have wandered into the depths of their lair, fought with the enemy and won. If that doesn't equip me to share with you some secrets, then I don't know what can.

So let me begin by saying that Fantasy Football Frenzy (3F) is a disease and those that have contracted it shouldn't be judged unfairly. It wasn't their fault - in fact, you should probably blame their friends.


Fantasy Football is the brainchild of the men that scream at the TV pretending that they are in some way changing the course of the game. It is a season long competition for men to get together with other men (online or in real life) so they can pretend they are NFL owners, coaches and expert gamblers.



This is what happens. A group of friends gets together, chooses the order of picking, and then picks ACTUAL NFL players until they have a complete FANTASY team. During the ACTUAL NFL season, the REAL TEAMS face each other and each REAL player accrues points according to the FANTASY rules. The friends can trade players amongst themselves during the football season. Whoever has the most points at the end of the football season - wins the honor of rubbing it in all year long.

Example: John Doe plays football for Chicago Bears. Your husband picks John Doe to be on his fantasy team. When the Chicago plays Detroit, John runs for 150 yards. On the fantasy website it calculates points for John's yards. Your husband is thrilled. He made a good pick and those points accumulate toward this Fantasy point total. Also now your husband can tell his buddies that they suck.


This method gives each Fantasy team owner (that's your husband) a bunch of fantasy money. Each NFL player 'costs' a certain amount. The team owner can allocate his money to get his best team. Each week the team owner can sell the players he thinks will have a crappy week, pick up players who he predicts will have a great game or change his team how he sees fit. Same points system applies as with draft fantasy football.

OK - NOW here is how to manage this obsession.

  1. GET INVOLVED. Host a party...a live draft party that is. 3F is easily contained by YOU being involved. So go make cakes shaped like footballs, have some brats and dogs waiting, and be interested in what is going on.

  2. MARK IT DOWN. Find out the important games. 3F is not hard to swallow when you know what is coming. Since your loved one HAS to watch certain games, find out ahead of time which nights, which games, and mark them as football fun nights. Make sure a limit is set - with 32 NFL teams each playing 16 games in a season - you do the math. Basically just make sure you don't loose your spouse to 3F. Too many to choose? Get together with another fantasy widow and plan a sneak attack or just catch a movie :)

  3. TRADE OFF TO WIN. Girls - fantasy football is all about the competition. So make it one. Use the fact that your husband became a couch blob for four hours to come up with a trade off. You maybe get to dump the kids on him for four hours on Saturday afternoon. Or maybe for every game he watches, he has to iron a load of laundry or spend an equal amount at the gym. Either way, it all of a sudden becomes a very productive game. Heck you might even ask for him to watch all the games!

  4. JOIN EM. Can't beat em? Well, strap on the cleats cause you also can join a league (even your hubbies if he lets ya!). Not only will you learn a thing or two about the great game of football but you can possibly win the braggin rights of a lifetime. And don't worry about your picks - even a dummy could do it. Ultimately, catching a little 3F is the only way into your man's pigskin heart

Have any other suggestions? I would love to hear them...afterall, it is still preseason!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Will that be one Dumpr two?

How About Orange brought this uber-fun time-waster to my attention. It's called Dumpr and you can upload a photo, choose some photo admirers and viola! You have a personal masterpiece showcased in a museum.

I used one of our wedding pics - cool huh?!

Shaq up with Coke

Have you all seen that Shaq superbowl commercial? It's actually for Vitamin Water - a Coke product. If you haven't seen it - you should check it out cause there ain't nothin funnier than a man bigger than his horse :)

For all you history buffs out there - Coca-A-Cola actually hailed from the Great State of Georgia. SHOUTOUT A.T.L! Not only invented here but first sold here, Coke is as natural to a native Georgian as hot boiled peanuts at a Braves Game.

Sorry about rabbit-trail (although Atlanta does totally rule!).

Back to the Point -

The title today should actually say "SHACK UP WITH COKE" because today I want to share (I am very excited about this) how many great home decor magazines are available under the MyCokeRewards program.

I personally collect Coke points and have been for a while. I have about 1000. So I went to see how many more millions of points I would need to get something cool and I realized...nothing really cool was to be had. I would have to collect for the next decade to be able to get the Rachel Ray cookware...and that was all that I was really interested in.

(pretty right?!)

That is until I went to the lower point categories. I discovered that for the same number of points to receive a Pirates of the Carribean Poster, I can get a YEARS subscription to a home magazine!

After I stopped hyperventilating, I knew I had to share this info with my three blog readers (Yes - my sister also now reads this - welcome Lori!)

So here are the options if you also want to share in the paperback wealth -
  1. Veranda - all about home design and interior decorating
  2. Architectural Digest - international magazine of interior design
  3. Ready Made - a magazine for people who like to make stuff
  4. O at Home - get all the inspiration you need to make your home a reflection of you
  5. Good Housekeeping - most trusted online source for advice about food, diet/nutrition, women's health and your home
  6. Better Homes & Gardens - ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas
  7. House Beautiful - a magazine of style to inspire your own
  8. Traditional Home - how to transform a home into a victorian home, create a comfortable second home, interior design ideas, and how to make a sassy sorbet
  9. Country Living - home decorating, recipes and antiques and collectibles
  10. Country Home - country lifestyle magazine with features covering antiques, decorating, weekend projects, travel, food and gardening

I think I am going to get four of them - wanna guess which ones?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kallie Forn I Eh!!!

Just guess where I'm headed?
(oh darn it, did the pic give it away?! )
Yup - Newport Beach Baby! WAHOO! Wish me LUCK!

Penney's Saves BIG Bucks

I brainstormed last night to the sound of gunfire. Was I in the ghetto? no. Was I watching a cool new movie? no. Was I in the comfort of my own home? Yes - the boyfriend was playing what I call Badge of Honor - I think most refer to it as Call of Duty 4. I can never remember the name. I do try to be nice and not smash the game in half when I have a headache complain, but honestly - can't they make the sound effects a little less realistic?!

Anyway - I brainstormed about all the lovely things to make our newlywed chamber a bit more like "oh-what-a-lovely-master-suite" rather than "oh-I-see-you-have-a-bed-in-this-room".

So here are the additional items that I found at Target & JCPenney. Who woulda thunk that Penney's had such purty items!?!

I want to cover the entire wall behind our bed with creamy floor to ceiling drapes. point-Designer showhouse. Then have some wall sconces peak out above the dark wood nightstands and place the Target chair in the corner with the BB&B pillow. Maybe later I can post pics of our currently uber-blah bedroom. Do you think it will go with my current Master bedroom wish list?

Home Companion Magazine

oh. my. heavens. I think - no, I know that I am slightly in an euphoric state of mind. All due to the discovery of discoveries. The ying to my yang. The peanut butter to my jelly.

I have found for the first time (don't laugh) the website of Mary Engelbreight's Home Companion magazine.
And I am in love. Most of you will be like - duh, that's been around for - like - ever. And that may be true. I don't know. What I do know is that IT IS SUPER COOL.

Most days, I pour over magazines and websites that feature modern and sleek design. But let's be honest - I can only incorporate so much of that "newness" into my own 1974 home. We need a little traditional infusion to keep it down to earth. And Home Companion features traditional digs - sometimes they even have a little southern style :) like this - TA DA!

Click on the pic - make it bigger - awe over the spring-timey kitch. It is just lovely!

The best part of the website though is....

drum roll please...

the HANDS ON - HANDMADE Section.

Oh - I wish I was a better seamstress - then I could make these:

I think I will attempt them anyway :) That and I want to make the tag-alongs, carefree coasters, hang it up for the holidays hangers, and eyeglass cases! Oh the home-made goodness is overwhelming!

Let me know if you see something on there that strikes your fancy - and if you have ever attempted the crafts - I want to see end results - PRETTY PLEASE!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Wardrobe for $200

Baby fever is VERY careful - you might catch it too! My friend Austin bought baby clothes for a baby she doesn't have. If that isn't deadly (to your wallet), I don't know what is. So be aware - this post is fully dedicated to the wonderful world of BABY GIRLS.

I am a proud aunt of a little bundle of girly joy named Clara. She is so precious! And if only she lived here I would shop for her all the time. The hardest part about baby clothes shopping is finding the right size - and boy...err...girl, does she grow like a weed!

This picture is kinda old - but you get the point - she is adorable! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a baby girl in the future to play dress up with. So in lieu of the whole child-bearing, child-birthing, and child-rearing process, I decided to put together a wardrobe under $200 that would be worthy of my little niece.

Here are all the different items.

1. Polka dot top $14.50

2. Red polo $4.00

3. Plaid top $7.99

4. Pink pullover $9.50

5. Navy polka dot shoes $14.50

6. White espadrilles $12.00

7. Blue stripe dress $29.50

8. Navy halter dress $12.00

9. Denim jacket $29.50

10. Green sweater $19.50

11. Navy leggings $12.50

12. Camel capris $5.99

13. Patchwork skirt $9.99

14. White chinos $16.50

15. Pink jelly shoes $6.99

The best part about this whole wardrobe is that everything came from Old Navy, Gap, Target or Walmart. So each piece is totally accessible. Go buy your favorite for the special toddler in your life and watch her little eyes light up with excitement. And they will too, cause all girls - even baby ones - have the genetic code for happiness when it comes to something super-fab!

I had so much fun mixing and matching - here are some of the outfits that I created for all the days o' baby.

1st day of School
Church dress
Birthday party outfit
Play date with friends
It is really fun to put stuff together - you try it and let me know the adorableness you created!

Office Makeover - Part 3

After looking at the pics of the office makeover, it became so apparent that some little changes needed to be made. It is so nice to know that I can perform a mini-makeover at the low low price of NOTHING! Free is my favorite number :) Can you see what I did? It's like spot-the-differences!

Yup - you got it - I moved the little area rug from under my desk to under the seating area. I think it does a great job of delineating the space.

Yup - I did it. Made a cozy cover for my monitor.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Deals & Steals at BB&B

So the prices were so good at Bed, Bath & Beyond...I had to go back. And yes once again - it was awesome!

Three linen tableclothes & 16 napkins - $14

I really REALLY want to have a summer seaside inspired dinner party. If only I could have a beautiful backyard like this. I would love to string party lights up in the trees, have a dance floor for a waltz or two, and tables with draped fabrics & cool blue colors.

a $7 pillow for my master bedroom. I love the details.

Roman shade for $7 - I think I can use this in our den. I'll let you know.

Furry pillow - also $7 - I think this one is just so fun. And I love the textural element it adds to the couch.

Pier 1 had these lovely fakers. So I did this -

Better than before I think.

So overall - everything at BB&B was FREE cause we had credit from some broken registry items. It was really nice to buy expensive stuff at no cost. It made me feel warm inside :)

Mirrors, washclothes, and frames - OH MY!

Me shopping at TJMaxx is like Elizabeth Taylor in a jewelry store.

Me shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond is like putting Brangelina in an 3rd world orphanage.

Look at all the goodies I got last week:

12 restaurant napkins
original price $20
paid price $3
I bought 84 - yea - Jeremy doesn't understand. Last year I was in charge of the ladies luncheon at church - so I thought that this year I could be prepared :)

picture frame $3.50
And once we get our 1 cent pics from Snapfish - that little frame will be uber-cute.

Washcloth $1
Matches the color scheme for the master bath & who can beat that price? I'll tell you - nobody.

large mirror $39
I can't wait to hang the mirror over our bed.

I think I did pretty good. What do you think?

SALE ALERT - Target storage ottoman

**********************SALE ALERT************************************

Target has this great storage ottoman on sale RIGHT NOW! For a mere $59 you can add this piece to your home! Go - RUN! Available in black or dark brown.

This is actually what we have in our own home - we put it in the bedroom for sweater storage and additional seating under a window. Make your own window-seat or use it like This Young House did and put it in the dining room and under coat hooks.

Why are you still reading!?! RUN!

Baby Suter - BOY or GIRL?!?

After working on this and shopping for this one - my Saturday was shot. But there was a special event that I was looking forward to - WE found OUT what BROOK's Baby is!!! We can't tell.... yet!

Brook & Kent are some of our very best friends - they are fantastic people - practically family! He is a youth minister at our church and she is one of the sweetest girls in the world. I truly believe our kids will be friends and our kid's kids will be friends.

So we celebrated with a bottle of sparkling cider and ultrasound picture viewing. Kent created a cute slideshow to tell us what the baby is - BOY or GIRL. What do you think it was?

Profile of Baby Suter

"smiling" photo - I love the baby already!

Group shot - Luke & Austin, Me & Jeremy, Brook & Kent

Our lovely hosts - the parents-to-be!

Oh yes - stay tuned - in coming months will be details of Brook's Baby shindig!

Cole is FOUR!

Cole turned four today! He had a family birthday party and got to do stuff normal four year olds would love to do - trash the living room, stay up late, and eat as much cake as he could stomach. I think Jeremy was a little jealous :) jk.

I thought I would post the fun party pics.

Presents galore - the best ones were outside - a trampoline, a sandbox and a new bike!

I made Cole a drag car cake for his birthday. This was my 2nd cake ever - 1st one was for Jeremy's b'day in December. It was really fun to dream it up! Overall it was actually pretty delicious.

Cole decided to also decorate the cake with a four candle - he pushed that sucker in before we could say no. He lodged it in there pretty good - maybe he will be a cake decorator?!

Cole also got to cut the cake - don't worry it was with a butter spreader!

The whole cake was edible except the windshield. YUM!

Cole didn't wait - he went for the windfoil and got a mouthfull of chocolate. It was killing us how he would take the tiniest bites :)

Jeremy & I wanted to get him a powerwheels - but since he was getting a bike & a scooter, we will have to wait till Christmas.

He wasn't super excited about all the clothes we got him for his first year at school - but his mom said they were needed more than motorized vehicles. And since I don't ever get to shop in the baby section of Old Navy - I enjoyed picking them out.

Remember the book I got him? Yea - it was a hit!

Cole stylin in his new shades! As Cole says "That's cool. That's awesome!"