Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Christmas was especially fun this year - mostly because everything I could ever want was still listed on our Bed, Bath & Beyond registry so we didn't have to brainstorm when the looming question was asked, "so what would you like for Christmas?". I recommend registries for all people whether you are getting married or not (that or blogs with wishlists).

So naturally Jeremy and I were thrilled when his Dad and Vicki bought us this:

Jeremy was more thrilled than me. Of course I want an old-fashioned ice cream maker but here are my reasons why I am dreading using this gizmo.

  1. I don't know how to make ice cream.

  2. Any ice cream will be compared to Jeremy's dad's ice cream - which is amazing.

  3. Ice cream can not be made in small quantities and has a short shelf life: read - I will gain 8 lbs instantly.

  4. It takes all day and you have to plan in advance...which I stink at.

SO...here's the kicker...I, with a little BOWER POWER...will attempt at suppressing my fears, living dangerously, and make ice cream. Cappuccino-Toffee Crunch Ice cream to be exact.

Here is the recipe that I found that sounds super yummy. Of course - I will not serve to underage ice cream eaters.

Or maybe I am being too ambitious...darn it, I am, aren't I?!?

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