Monday, July 28, 2008

Shaq up with Coke

Have you all seen that Shaq superbowl commercial? It's actually for Vitamin Water - a Coke product. If you haven't seen it - you should check it out cause there ain't nothin funnier than a man bigger than his horse :)

For all you history buffs out there - Coca-A-Cola actually hailed from the Great State of Georgia. SHOUTOUT A.T.L! Not only invented here but first sold here, Coke is as natural to a native Georgian as hot boiled peanuts at a Braves Game.

Sorry about rabbit-trail (although Atlanta does totally rule!).

Back to the Point -

The title today should actually say "SHACK UP WITH COKE" because today I want to share (I am very excited about this) how many great home decor magazines are available under the MyCokeRewards program.

I personally collect Coke points and have been for a while. I have about 1000. So I went to see how many more millions of points I would need to get something cool and I realized...nothing really cool was to be had. I would have to collect for the next decade to be able to get the Rachel Ray cookware...and that was all that I was really interested in.

(pretty right?!)

That is until I went to the lower point categories. I discovered that for the same number of points to receive a Pirates of the Carribean Poster, I can get a YEARS subscription to a home magazine!

After I stopped hyperventilating, I knew I had to share this info with my three blog readers (Yes - my sister also now reads this - welcome Lori!)

So here are the options if you also want to share in the paperback wealth -
  1. Veranda - all about home design and interior decorating
  2. Architectural Digest - international magazine of interior design
  3. Ready Made - a magazine for people who like to make stuff
  4. O at Home - get all the inspiration you need to make your home a reflection of you
  5. Good Housekeeping - most trusted online source for advice about food, diet/nutrition, women's health and your home
  6. Better Homes & Gardens - ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas
  7. House Beautiful - a magazine of style to inspire your own
  8. Traditional Home - how to transform a home into a victorian home, create a comfortable second home, interior design ideas, and how to make a sassy sorbet
  9. Country Living - home decorating, recipes and antiques and collectibles
  10. Country Home - country lifestyle magazine with features covering antiques, decorating, weekend projects, travel, food and gardening

I think I am going to get four of them - wanna guess which ones?


Anonymous said...

That is true. But would we be drinking Coke from the comfort of our own home had it not been for 2 brilliant minds from Chattanooga, Tennessee!

1899 … The first bottling agreement
Two young attorneys from Chattanooga, Tennessee believed they could build a business around bottling Coca-Cola. In a meeting with Candler, Benjamin F. Thomas and Joseph B. Whitehead obtained exclusive rights to bottle Coca-Cola across most of the United States (specifically excluding Vicksburg) -- for the sum of one dollar. A third Chattanooga lawyer, John T. Lupton, soon joined their venture.

Katie said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you so much for pointing out that wonderful ideas come from my northern neighbors!

Some of the best men also hail TN as home - I even married one!

Your Coke fan,

Austin said...

I'm pretty sure the "great idea" in this case was putting cocaine in carbonated water. Which, I agree is rather brilliant.

Laura said...

I totally hoard all of my coworkers' Coke caps so I can feed my magazine addiction!