Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jack Johnson

Blogging is powerful. Don't believe me? Well I blogged about this and my lovely husband surprised me with my very own Volunteer Tee earlier this week. Thank you baby - now I am ready for Neyland Stadium :)

**notice the olympic style hand flare - and a little open mouth celebration too (again!)

So just in case the hubbie wants to cross another wishlist item off the list - here is another item that I have been eyeing :)

Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams

If you haven't danced to Better Together with your own special someone - well - it's not too late! It can totally change their mood :)


Dad B said...

I knew you would come around and bleed "orange" and convert from them dawgs to them VOLS! Dad

G+D said...

LOL! Very nice Jedi blogger mind trick--I like it! And you look so darn cute in that pic!!