Saturday, August 16, 2008

Light my Fire

After a good sleep-in this morning, Jeremy & I headed to one of my favorite stores - Goodwill. And of course, the goodies abounded.

If you ever saw me in thrift stores, you would think I was mentally challenged. I enter like I'm on a stealth mission. When I spot a target from afar...I look left then right, and then practically run to the prey. After a complete biopsy, I have no problem with a brief public celebration. My favorite commemoration of a deal is usually a mini dance move or a little leap with a heel click.

Today a "WAHOO!" escaped my mouth when I found a great $5 fireplace screen. Not only was it in great shape but it was simple and with a contemporary shape. A fireplace screen is one of the cheapest fixes for a bare hearth. This accessory provides dimension, interest and protection for little fingers (& pyromaniacs) that love the flame.

So here is our fireplace (yes, I have not finished painting the mantel - don't judge me) and I think the black screen sets off the slate that we installed for the surround and hearth. What do you think? I likie...

Before spells Danger!

After says Peril Averted :)


Mrs.FiveCamels said...

Looks fantastic! I'm actually on my way to Goodwill today too. I hope I find something that good!

Emily said...

I'm one of those people who is terrible a finding good deals - I walk into places like that and sit down and cry from overwhelmingness. Love the screen.

Did you guys build the mantle yourself? We've been struggling all weekend with our bare fireplace wall. I need inspiration.

G+D said...

I'm with Emily--I break out in hives at the idea of walking into a department store, let alone a thrift store. I'm not a digger.

But huge KUDOS to you!! You scored a great deal and it looks fabulous! Almost makes me want to run to Goodwill right now....almost.