Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Till Dance Do You Part

The bells, the chapels, the seating cards - YES - Wedding season is among us!

Today weddings are such a HUMONGOUS deal! Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent on impressing people (most of whom you don't really know but hey - they gave you a $50 fondue set). The ring, the cake, the heartfelt vows - all perfectly planned to wow the guests and leave a little tear in their eye. In honor of this hallowed event, I present to you the finest display of human skill and self-expression I have ever seen.

Yes - today I am featuring the ever popular "Wedding Dances".

Click on the links to ensue laughter, joy, and maybe you will leave a little teary-eyed as well :)

Five makes it Fun
Groomsmen Get Down
Jack(SON) Johnson ?
Couple Jams to Baby Got Back
and my favorite - (if you know these people - my name is Katie Bower & I want to be their friend)
Brian and Katie

So - have fun? Did you laugh out loud? I did. I also did when I got this photo back from my own wedding - that is my sister & me (please notice the openmouthedness that we both exhibit when gettin down!) Maybe sometime in the future I can have a post about stuff white people do when bustin a move. Now that would be funny :) Until then - keep on dancing!


G+D said...

LOL! Very funny! And some of those moves take some SKILL!

Freckles Chick said...

I soooo wish we had done that routine from the Baby Got Back vid!! What a fun couple. It should be all about enyoing yourselves on wedding day.

SLH said...

That's hilarious. We did good to pull off one slooooow dance :-)