Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wood, The Bad & The Ugly

Yesterday my boss gave me this little ugly duckling of a cabinet - it is actually in great shape but it needs a little TLC in the worst way. And I am sure with a little Bower Power and the help of my three readers - this duck will find its way to swan-ville in the wood cabinet kingdom.

Here are my initial thoughts - those flowery things on the drawer front have got to go! The hardware needs replaced, the inside can feature a different paint affect and the glass could even sport a new little curtain mounted on the inside for a little storage privacy. Basically the brainwaves are going crazy here cause the whole thing needs to get a redo.
Originally I thought - let's sand it down a bit and paint the whole thing white (cause white is the fix all for all things home). Right? I don't know - I am running in circles :)

So help me peeps - here are some ideas that I thought might help inspire, stir thought, or create a whole new look for my ugly little cabbie.

how bout some fabric drawer fronts in a dramatic contrasty design?
Would my wood be pretty pearlescent?

How about a subtle white/yellow combo?

Here is a splash of sunny delight - will this fit?

Faux paint details can add interest - but mine is more ornate so no-go?

A neutral color with a splash of inner color - punchy interest or a punch in the mouth?

Painted wood the same color as the walls...blended or boring?

Decoupage details - fronts of fun or affronts to good taste?

Pastel paints on white - too girly or subtley feminine?

I need some input - I need your help - I need your furniture CPR.

It would be a shame to let this one fall by the wayside - I know if it goes into the basement (of death) it will never come out again until the yard sale signs are firmly on the corner.



Emily said...

Ooh, I love a good project. I really like the first inspiration pic, but unless you're Michaelangelo reincarnated...forget it, you probably are.

I saw somewhere (probably on the Nest) a cabinet that was still the deep wood, but the interior was painted a creamy white - it was beautiful and made it look lit from inside through the glass. I'd say paint it a dark color and go with a crisp, clean inside.

PS - love the tall cabinets painted the wall color, but I think the height helps it work - not sure about it for a regular little cabinet.

Mrs.FiveCamels said...

I love love love the white/yellow cabinet. But I'm very partial to yellow.

Vintage Gal said...

I want to go shopping with you now! That yellow/white cabinet is adorable! -whatwedding/marialena/vintage gal

G+D said...

Oooh--fun! I'm all about that first option. Go big or go home, I always say. Well...maybe not always, but frequently enough that I'm looking into trademarking it.

And yes--white is the fix all for all things home, lol!