Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hi Ho Silver!

Sometimes you feel like receiving presents and that's ok. I think that's normal. I think it might be part of being human.

And I have come to full realization that just because my love language is gift giving, doesn't mean that I am a ridiculously selfish person. Just a little selfish...sometimes. More often than I care to admit actually.

So naturally when Dad & Vicki offered me some loot in their garage one day - I jumped on it. By the time we got home, the boyfriend had stashed in the basement....never to be seen again! Just kidding. I thought about really wanting a present yesterday so I went in search of this here box.

Yes, I found it and yes, technically it is a present! Don't believe me? Ok let's put it to the PRESENT test:
  • Was the item wrapped? yes - in newspaper and plastic baggies
  • Was the item unexpected? yes - these were Jer's grandma's things and I didn't even know the woman
  • Was the item free? yes

Yup - sounds like pressies to me! Oh what a good day!

And with the great tip of Not Martha, I was able to polish some of it till it shined. Man, let me tell you that is a work out! I was sweating! Next time I think I might attempt making a chemical dip. wow. That sounded like something in a Batman comic book. Anyway...I will also throw some of my faux jewels in to the chemical dip get shiny too.

Don't they look good? Thank you Dad & Vicki for giving me and Jeremy such lovely items!
These are my favorite and I can not wait till Christmas now that I have such adorable silver serving pieces to show off. Apparently Mama B had fantastic taste! Doncha think?

The best part about getting a gift like tarnish silver is that it can remind you of God's love. Yes - I haven't yet explored the possibilities of blog-preaching but here goes. God loves you. He made you as a beautiful "silver" being but sometimes we get a little rough looking. The tarnish of sin sets in. You can't help it...Silver always has tarnish at some point. And God can't do tarnish. And that is why he sent Jesus - our polisher. He takes our darkness, our imperfections, our tarnish away. It is laborous. It is hard. But when He is done with us, we are gorgeous and God finds no fault in us. What a gift that is.

The key to everyday living is to revisit our polisher. Cause dude, the tarnish will set in again. And getting a little spit shine each and everyday will help keep that darkness away. Tonight I have more stuff I need to shine up. And when I dip those black earrings into the chemical dip, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be thanking Jesus for turning me clean too.


mrs.leah.maria said...

Wow, Katie, you captured it all for me in this post! Reminding me of my love of cowboys, polishing my Mom's silver for money as a child, and God's love. Now that takes the cake.

Jen M said...

What beautiful items but wow, I especially enjoyed your testimony at the end.