Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2,4,6,8 - Who do we appreciate? Youngsters!

So in my daily lurking, I love to blog-stalk Sherry & John at This Young House. Their little site has grown from family updates of their kitchen remodel (wowzers!) to a full-blown gig of home decor redos, wedding decor advise, and crashing houses for inspiration. If you haven't checked out their blog - go, click, love.

When my blogroll said "Reader Redesign: A Billowy Bedroom Makeover" - I was pumped up to see some 'swankified' new abode with some fantastic ideas for me to steal.

A couple of clicks later, I see little ole Sherry is posting about Bower Power and my bedroom! Well, I am just thrilled to death.

If you aren't familar with the blogging world, let me put it in perspective for you - This Young House is a cheerleader & Bower Power is in the band. We may share the same field but there is a world of difference in popularity. So for me to get a nod from them is shocking. SHOCKING!

Do you think this means that they wanna be BFF? Cause being a nerd like me - the thought crossed my mind.


Freckles Chick said...

I JUST posted a glowing review on their post about you!! Way to go, sistah, you deserve it! That MBR of yours is ab fab =)

And here I thought that if I stalk their blog, I could get some sort of mention. Maybe stalking is not the way to go?

I would say you're BFF's now. I mean, they don't ask to swap bedrooms w/ just anyone. Tee-hee =)

Emily said...

OMG you're like the most famous person I've ever felt like I've met but never actually met. Congrats! That's like, the gold medal of blogging.

megan said...

I love that wall of curtains! I have an odd window in my tiny bedroom that I am just stumped over. Looks like I have a new idea!

Emily said...

PS - don't forget your original commentors when you get all famous with millions of TYH readers coming your way. Ok? Remember who loved you from the beginning.

Kim & Ryan said...

I saw that this morning.... your bedroom looking as "swankified" as I remember from your post.

That is so incredibly impressive! And, you are definitely BFFs.... no doubt.

Freckles Chick said...

P.S. Now that you went and got famous on us, just wanted to beg you to keep us on your know, since now you'll be hiring someone to read your blogs for you since you're too famous to read them yourself.

Congrats again on the TYH feature =)

Sherry said...

1. It's official, we're BFFs.

2. I was a cheerleader for one year, but John was the band council president and a french horn section leader- so we're closer to geek than you may think.

3. Forget a bedroom swap. We need to have ourselves a sleepover party. Your master bedroom or ours?


Sherry (& John)

G+D said...

OMG, Katie!! That is SO COOL!! Good for you babe! Your bedroom makeover seriously belongs in a magazine. And you deserved a little TYH shout out. WooHOO!!

And PS--if you get to bring a guest to the sleepover party can it be me?? ;)

Michael said...

That's awesome!!! Congrats!

Katie said...

If I am BFF's with TYH - does this mean that I have to get a 'hottie' makeover? Cause I think Jeremy would be up for that...

Sherry - a sleepover sounds like the bomb-diggity :) Anytime you guys wanna crash the ATL, our door is open. Besides, that would be a perfect opportunity to pick your brain clean of decor ideas :) And I promise that I will not pull out my comic book collection or request to play Dungeons & Dragons.

Dusty - you are totally invited too. But only if I can borrow your shoes for my makeover :)

XO - Katie