Friday, October 17, 2008

The Day I Didn't Blog

Sorry ya'll. Yesterday I had no brain power to blog. I was scrambling to get ideas, lists, menus, glassware and food together for the baby shower I am hosting tomorrow.

Wanna see some of the chaos? Neatfreaks avert your eyes:

Oh and I just wanted to share a little something with you guys...I have been having a dialogue with lovely little Tammi from Sweet Nothings and she recommended some little scoops for my candy buffet. Nothing screams 'I am cute' and 'Fill your goodie bag' like mini scoops right? However, the only uber-adorable ones were the uber-expensive Southern Living Astoria a price tag of $12.50 plus shipping and handling on Ebay for two.

So I had a delimma - I know I would love them and I know they would get tons of use. However, I also know that I won't have them in time for this candy bar and $9 per scoop is a bit steep for this frugal shopper.
Enter Kroger supermarket:

$4 a scoop = candy buffet bliss! Plus, seeing how it is flu/cold/nasties season, this little serving wonder will probably save a few folks from sharing their grimies as they reach into get some sweets. Yeah for No Boogies in the Buffet!


SLH said...

Katie it's going to be fabulous!!!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear the details. Oh, after we talked I had a dream Brooke had her baby last night. I'll keep my fingers crossed that babe stays in place until the after-party! Or you could just have the most eventful baby shower ever!

Tammi said...

Yea, that is awesome!! You scooped up a great deal-lol! I may have to pick some of those up and save my "fancy scoopers" for another shin-dig. Thanks for to find a deal on more glass containers....

Michael said...

Awww...I want a candy bar now...those are so cute!

Bayjb said...

This shower is going to be awesome and I cannot wait to hear all about it!

Emily said...

Can't wait to hear how it went!

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll,

Thankfully the baby stayed securely in Brook's uterus for the baby party. Otherwise - we would be celebrating a different kind of shower :)

And I must say - it did go pretty awesome. Not that I am bragging - I had three amazing girls helping! It takes that many hands on deck just to make sure the food is all prepared much less decorated and such. I will say that I am going to open my doors on October 31st for anyone who wants some free leftover candy - all you gotta do is wear a costume :)

XO - Katie