Friday, October 3, 2008

Sales & Specials 10.01.08

Oh baby. Oh baby baby. This is a good one. Bower Power is just gonna make you shiver all over. Like a fat kid in a candy store. Like Britney to a wig shop. Like me to the dinnerware section at a clearance store. oooh baby this is gonna be good.

Introducing the Sales & Specials for this week - go ahead, take a peek...

Adorable. And when has anything been less than 15 smackers at WSHome?! I can answer that one...never. When I saw these seaside inspired bath accessories, I knew they must be shared. Get your beachy bum in and get these!

I die. This ottoman is totally chic. totally classy. And at $35 if I didn't have a room that it would look right in, I would redecorate. The cream and black damask ottoman would be so great in a bedroom, the living room, or any place you think you could just sit back, put your feet up and feel like a queen.

This pillow is the Sarah Palin of the pillow world. 1 - Pair it with anything and it will make it look better. 2 - It still maintains a bit of country charm with a modern twist. 3 - It's a little plain with its simplicity but a little punchy with its great color.

Ah the PB nautical charmer. It's so fresh and so clean (clean - sing it with me!). And I would just love to see someone buy this beauty, put it in their lakehouse, pair it with some splashes of red and sing Proud to be an American. That would make my day.

Come on -$7?! This is too good to be true. I spend $7 on the sandwich I eat for lunch.

Will someone give me a ocean side resort so I can decorate it? Please? Anybody? Well, I can totally see this lovely texturally glam girl on a patio overlooking the ocean...or pair it with some faux croc lampshades and add some bling to your living room. It will immediately scream lush. (and not because you drank the whole bottle of wine - although - if that were the case, it would provide a glamourous crash site!)

We have a dogwood tree out front and believe you me, you just want this candle holder and not the real thing. And fyi - I am convinced it is called the dogwood, because it poops crap all over our yard. It must come down. Someday. Trust me - get the candle holder, stay outta the dogwood section at your local nursery.

This neutral chair was so plain that I thought - heck anyone could use it. And it is a Walmart rollback so if you are in the market - this is a decent deal.

I don't know about quality in this FIVE piece suite but I figure it can't be worse than Rooms to go. And RTG doesn't have this kinda pricing. At least it looks sleek and contemporary! Put it in a guest room. Or go to the store and check it out - if it is built like Arnold, you just hurry back and let me know.

This is not for the birds - although you may think it is. This is for you. This will help you because people will come to your house and see it and think "wow! This gal loves wildlife in such a fashionable way! She has great taste and a sensitive soul." You just got popularity points. Don't be surprised if all your neighbors try to copy you. And all that great reputation cost you was 5 bones. Birds are optional.

Ok - and because the holidays are nearing and I am in the spirit of giving, I thought that I could let you have some BONUS sales and specials. They are cute. They are droolworthy. They are gonna make you tingle. Watch out. The Company Store brings em to ya and Bower Power sings their praises.

Honeycomb Quilt $67 in Queen

Zebra Tote Bag - $7

Oh and did I mention Monogramming is available for these totes!?! How cool would it be to load this sucker up with goodies for your bridesmaids gift or to bestow upon your fav college coed? Plus have it personalized and you will be honored with the title of "Coolest Gift Giver. Ever."

As always, if you find a great deal, let me know. And if you wanna see some sales or specials items from your favorite place to shop - just shout it out via comments. I love internet shopping especially when it doesn't cost me a dime and it could save you at least three dimes and maybe a nickel to boot.


mrs.leah.maria said...

I really think you out did yourself this time! The descriptions are killing me!

Kim & Ryan said...

Great post! Loving that honeycomb coverlet.... I was wanting one for our bed.....

tohearn14 said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I too, love shopping online. I just love quilts, especially solid colors like that, even just laying at the foot of the bed.
I am in search of the perfect serving tray (the kind that reminds me of serving someone breakfast in bed!) those "baskety" type serving trays!

Freckles Chick said...

SHUT UP, I totally snatched up those damask ottomans on Monday!! I've been lusting after them and then I saw them on sale while I was picking up my pills from the Target pharmacy. Just had to get them for our bedroom!
I love that you post these sales w/ such witty descriptions. They grab you like a buzzed-up coworker at a company Christmas party =)

G+D said...

OMG, the Sarah Palin comment made me spew my Nerds! LMAO!!