Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Switch Twitch

Sometimes I look around my house and think "Something has got to change!". I get this twitch, this strange sensation that something needs to be different...and that if it doesn't happen then the universe will collapse. It is the same as if High School Musical had never been filmed. Somehow the planet earth needs it to keep turning. This happened recently when I entered into my dining room.

I love my dining room. I love my dining room all by itself. Sure, there is work that needs to be done. Sure, it houses handme-downs and mismatched wood furniture. Sure, the room screams olive green. Sure, it doesn't go with the rest of the house...particularly the living room (that is only a hop, skip, and a foyer away). WAIT! What?!! Doesn't go with the living room?! (This is a reenactment of my thought process...welcome to my brain) It absolutely needs to have some kinda cohesion with the living room and all adjoining rooms - right?!
Do you see what I mean about the world stopping on it's axis? So I decided to let the room get a mini redo. First up... the gold-framed art.

The art is a painting passed down to us from Jeremy's grandparents...so it absolutely has to stay in the house. Jeremy thinks it is a boy with a gun. The rest of the world says it is a girl with a broom. Patatoes, potatoes.

So off the wall it came. And into our shmancy master bedroom it went.

I kinda like how it brings out a warm golden glow of the furniture which is a great contrast to our cool bluegreen walls.

And the other thing is - I love how it mixes with the 'new' art that was already in the room. It's like seeing a grandpa at a hot club for swing-dance night. Pretty soon, everyone wants to bust a move with the old fart. The vintage piece has street cred and the new art has energy and mass appeal. The Ikea posters framed out and hung across from our bed lead your eye straight to our inherited art, which is great because this highlighted piece isn't going to be found in every single home across America and Sweden.

Next up - scroll down and check out those too-tiny chandelier shades. See how the bulb is exposed and could potentially cause retina burns?

Also note that this room takes the saying 'go green' to a whole new meaning. It is what I imagine living with a Ninja Turtles would be like - sewer hued. Green here, green there, green everywhere!

Now the chandie gets a whole new sleeker and more modern look with a quick switch. These Pottery Barn linen shades are clean, the perfect size and a bit more in tune with our living room. Also, note the switcheroo of the placemats, napkins, and chargers to reflect a fresher, lighter feeling. I know - I ain't supposed to do this till the spring - but until I can repaint, I gotta have a little dining room diet & lighten this big girl up.

And my final switch for the night - the curtains. I seriously lucked out and found Ikea curtains that actually matched the shades. Plus this quick little change helped break up all that putrid color and made the room feel more hand-in-hand with our living room.

So these minor changes definitely helped me satisfy my twitch for a switch...disaster averted, Zac Efron is ok, and my dining room is a bit less traditional and a bit more my style. WHEW!


Emily said...

You are so funny, I think the diet was a success. I actually love the color of the room, it's unexpected, yet not too out there. Everything looks great!

brettinsky said...

It looks better, fresher. I love that old painting though! love!

Mrs.FiveCamels said...

Good Job! It looks great! The wall color is beautiful as-is, but your changes really brighten things up!

Freckles Chick said...

I accidentally watched HSM after a Girls' Night Out once and could not stop giggling. Blame the alcohol, but was it s'posed to be that funny?
You crack me up, K. I almost didn't look at the pics b/c I was so busy reading ad cracking up.
Anyhoo, love the changes you've made. The lighter shades go beautifully w/ the drapes. And shut up, I totally love that olive color!!

Karen said...

I love the changes, did you replace the picture with a new piece of wall art?

Jen M said...

You are so funny!! Loved "lighten this girl up" but "It's like seeing a grandpa at a hot club for swing-dance night. Pretty soon, everyone wants to bust a move with the old fart." had my ROFL!! Love the changes in the room and of course can't wait to see pics of the ultimate paint makeover when you get around to it (although I do quite like the green).

Kellie Patton said...

Love the changes!

Laurel MacD said...

Love your blog - found you through This Young House and have loved you ever since. (well, I read your comments previous and loved those too)

mrs.leah.maria said...

Intresting! I love that you have the mind to do these little changes for a quick new look!