Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Boyfriend's Birthday Party

My husband, known to many (or all thirteen of you) as my boyfriend, celebrated his 32nd birthday this past weekend. We had a grand ole time!

Jeremy wanted "no party" "no cake" and "no big deal made" for his annual event. So I obliged...sortof. I invited three of our closest friend couples and my family. Afterwards, we scooted over to our house to open some pressies. Only one couple had to jet out early. Let's do some introductions to our small non-party guests:

Lori and Cole came....during the non-party, Cole and I had a discussion about babies. He said he wants one. I told him he must find a wife first. He took it rather well.

My dad and mom came. I like to call them Will.I.Am and Little Debbie. Those are their rapper names. If you ask them, they will confirm it.

That is Austin and her husband Luke. Austin likes awkward situations and Luke is prone to Austin likes Luke.

There is Lilley! She is the throw-up princess. I had to change my shirt twice that night. But it was worth it because she is so darn cute.

Lilley's dad Kent. He's holding a's funny because he actually talks about baby gear now like he used to talk about electronics.

And of course Brook and me (in shirt #2).
So wanna know what I got him? I know you do. I like knowing things like that.

Well, I wrote him a little ditty. An ode if you will. And then I sang it to him in front of everyone. And if you know me in real life, you know that I am the only person in my family that CAN'T sing. It's ridiculous. Like the music fairy blessed everyone else with the gift of song...but somehow missed me.

So here is the song. It is to the tune of My Favorite Things (Sound of Music...yea!)

Orange & White fan and Cannondale rider
Pro football lover and Money provider
Washy blue eyes that twinkle and sing
William Jeremy is my favorite thing

Encouraging friend and remote control sharer
Lover and brother and protector from terror
Got down on one knee to give me this ring
William Jeremy is my favorite thing

Boy in white polo with blue jeans and sneakers
Can fix the TV and our thousands of speakers
Give him a drill – he’s the handyman king
William Jeremy is my favorite thing

When my cramps strike, when my mood swings
When I get a bug
I simply remember my favorite thing
His smile's an addictive drug

And then I got him the following:

When he opened that last one, he said "oh yea - this movie is great! Thanks hon. Too bad we don't have a blue ray player to play it on..."

And that is when I whipped out the finale present. The gift that tops them all.

Yup, the P-shizzle to the trifold. That is the Playstation 3 to all you non-rapper-folks. It was a thrill to see him open it and actually be excited. I mean, how exciting are socks, right? I love this picture. He was so happy. and apparently boys like gaming systems that have blue-ray players no matter what age. Cole immediately knew what it was and asked if he could race cars on it. I guess we might as well start him early...don't want him to be the reject in middle school because he isn't a pro at Call of Duty.

Oh and on a side note - this was a huge purchase for me to make. I have been saving for months. But it was worth every cent. Especially when Jeremy told me that his favorite gift was the song :) Happy Birthday da bomb diggity.


Heidi said...

Haha, love The Dark Knight setup for the Playstation 3.

Tammi said...

You are such a thoughtful and creative girlfriend. ;-)....and brave, I might add, for singing your song! My father in law says "If you cant sing, sing LOUD"!!!

Tiffany Lynn said...

Look at you scoring some wifey points!! Love the song - so hilarious :)

LJK said...

The poem/song is super sweet- such a cute idea! And such awesome gifts- he'll love the PS3. We got one a few little while ago and my husband loves it.

Kim & Ryan said...

I absolutely LOVE your song.

And, you are such a good wife! A PS3. When I got the hubs a Xbox360, I thought he was going to wet himself he was so excited. Boys never outgrow gaming, do they?

Luke said...

I love your assessment of my relationship with Luke. Basically its spot on. So now that I'm done with school I've been playing a lot of xbox. Maybe you guys can get some games for ps3 that are somewhere between lame racing games and call of duty. If you do that, I think we'll definitely be sleeping over more often.

Luke said...

Oh. That was from Austin. I'm on Luke's account I guess.

Freckles Chick said...

LMAO @ "the P-shizzle to the trifold"!! Indeed. So clever! I'm working that into my next Playstation 3 convo.

I don't know who's more adorable, your 'boyfriend' or you!!

Jen M said...

Happy birthday, Jeremy! Loved the song, Katie - I only wish I'd been there to hear you sing it.

Michael said...

You are the best girlfriend evah! That is the coolest...the song, the very thoughtful.

I love your parents rapper names, lol :)

Laurel MacD said...

Love the song - it's great!
PS - I've had 3 babies who spit up tons, you just invest in OxyClean and lots of back up shirts and burp cloths!

Gallamore West said...

I loved your song!! And you've got guts to sing it in front of a crowd too :)

G+D said...

Oh my gosh--you are too cute! Love the song, Katie. What a sweet (and brave!) idea! Sounds like the boyfriend had a wonderful birthday!

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll,

I love the gaming phase in a man's provides for so many different gifts :) And I hope that you guys are right - that it is the gift of all gifts :) I know that I get to enjoy it too...blu-ray and all...high def chick flicks, here I come!

XO - Katie