Monday, December 29, 2008

I am a spoiled brat

This Christmas was unreal. You guys know how much I like presents. Pretty wrappings topped with a sparkly bow. A gift bag stuffed to the gills with white tissue paper. A brown paper package tied up with string (anyone wanna break into song at a sleepover?!)

The point as I have said so many times before is this: I feel so loved when I get a gift. This holiday I felt the love. I felt mucho love. like love that Bono feels. he gets screaming fans, I got tons of kick-A gifts. It was as close as I have ever gotten to adoration. I felt like a spoiled rotton princess. I almost felt bratty just being on the receiving end...but then I remembered how fabulous all my gifts were and I got over it :) In fact...let's just be honest...I loved every gosh darn second and I love reminscing here about my drool-worthy worldly goods.

This may sound cruel, seeing how we are in a recession and all...and believe me, I am not trying to rub anything in anyone's face. So, here is the disclaimer...I know you will hate me after you read this post - so turn away. Close this post. If you continue - you will have feelings of disappointment toward your loved ones. Santa will be the arch nemesis for years to come. And unfortunately, Bower Power will be host to your ridiculously spoiled blog frenemy...whom you are insanely jealous of. It is a burden I must carry :)


My Grandparents and parents gave us moolah...lots of moolah. I spent every last penny. I have a job so that I can save money...Christmas is so we can help spur the economy. That is the real reason for the season, right? Just you Jesus!

Anyhoo, went to Pottery Barn/WS home outlet, Goodwill, and TJMaxx (how's that for a combo!) and got some fantastic new stuff for the house.

I guess my grandparents technically bought me this set of 6 squiggly glass cups. Jeremy breaks glasses like Jews at weddings. It's routine for me to get new ones. Aren't they fab? And my favorite part is that when you put drinks in them, the liquids look colder cause of the squigglies. Dontcha think?
4 graphic & green salad plates and a wooden soy candle...both PB. Bragging: plates cost less than $2 a piece :) Thanks Mummum & Pappap!
Mercury glass votives in silver & green, snowflake placecard holders - 75% off at PB. Tiny ornament placecard holders - 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Gray glass trees - 90% off original price at TJ to the Maxx. Now I am ready for next year...almost.
I also scored this expensive looking down-filled brown & white lumbar pillow at the Maxx for full price. Go ahead and gasp. I know. I don't usually do that. But seeing as how full price was only $14.99 - I thought it would be alright. Please forgive me.
The white PB soup tureen was only $20. And my dear mummy dearest bought Jeremy and I those lovely white-handled Cutco knives. I am a little bit scared of them seeing how I manage to cut myself on our current set of dull-as-a-plastic-spoon knives. They could definitely hinder my blogging speed. And I got the plate stand at Goodwill. It was only $4. I think I might spraypaint the sucker either silver or dark bronze...whatta ya think?
The 6 yellow placemats ($1.24 each) and the giant round vase ($12) are PB - Thanks be to the Grandparents! and the little bud vases and the artichokes are from Pier 1 - curtesy of the my in-laws very generous gift card :) The square vase was Goodwill - so mom you get a point for this one.
Pier 1 also had these cute little shell style ramikins and sauce dishes. And boy do they look saucy stacked on one another in a setting - I may have to host a sushi night so that I can put them in action. And that little white bud vase ($1) was too cute to not put in my cart. Thanks again Dad & have great taste!
Four red salad plates, two diffusers, and some woven accent balls complete my gift card action. The white bowl is huge and will be perfect for a tossed caesar salad. It was only $10 at PB.
My generous hubby got me the Victoria Secret sampler - and I am amped about trying out all the different scents...although not all at the same time...that would be about as sexy as a skunk. The underarmour headbands and chapsticks are stocking stuffers from my in-laws (I haven't had a stocking in a while and digging out the goodies was extra fun this year). My brother in law got me the mint chocolate chip bath smell-goods...the back of the bottle read: smells good enough to eat. please don't.
He also got me this silverplated tray from Ikea and matching coasters. I can't wait to serve glasses of bubbly on it or stack bowls and fruit on it with a pitcher of OJ for a super-casual breakfast.
Jeremy also bought me a little something to keep me sexy on the inside :) I asked for a white one with my name (and I prefer New King James Version) so I think he is going to keep this one as a good alternative to his big fattie bible. I really like the size and the extra reference material in the it isn't that far off. Our friends own a Christian bookstore so now that my boyfriend knows the parameters of what I hope to be my forever-bible (the one I will live by and get buried with) hopefully it will be here by my birthday. Until then my coverless good book will have to keep me going :)
And no Christmas is complete without gadgets. My dad got me the 500GB external hard drive...yeah I didn't know that they made things that huge. That's what she said. And my brother & sister in law got me a remote control for my camera (it's awesome!). My sister totally scored with getting me and my man the first three seasons of The Office...and yes, it came with the stipulation that we must let her borrow it without hesitation.
Jeremy got me the Jack Johnson CD that I go baby. And he got me a blue-ray movie and a lens cleaning kit and a lens filter. He definitely hit a high note by snagging Photoshop 7 and wrapping that sucka up for me. It will probably be a while till anyone sees it in action...but let me tell ya, I am pumped!
And lastly he got me a navigational system. It isn't the most unusual thing for me to call him to see if he could mapquest a way out of the ghetto. And tricky tricky got outta bed on Black Friday (unbeknownst to moi) to score the life-saver at a great price. He spoils me.
And Christmas wouldn't be christmas without some apparel. I got some uber-comfy socks from my in-laws...boy do my feet love them. And I got some sweet exercise gear - all due to my parents generousity. Hopefully - in the next few months I can say that my mom & dad got me a littler bootie for the holidays. hopefully.

So there you have it. My blissfully satisfied self - all because of my loving family and their thick wallets. All I can say is that I am undeservedly spoiled rotten. and to whom much is given, much is expected. That's how it goes, right? I guess I better get crackin on that :)

And because I am nosy and would love to know what you got, I shared the scoop on my spoils first. But now you have to promise me to tell me what you got and what your most favoritey present was this year. Heck, my birthday is coming up & a girl has got to plan ahead :)


Tamstyles said...

Glad I ran across your blog. I love your buys. We went to all the same stores this weekend to. Good stuff. I will be back to visit your blog!

Darby said...

Katie... I'm green with envy! Lovin' it all! Especially that pillow... mmmm! So good!! Glad to hear that Christmas was soooo good to you! My hubby was good to me too... and my fav is the wonderful new jammies he got me from VS. They are so much better than the flannel pjs from high school that I've still been sportin'. Please tell me you got to entertain in that FABULOUS new kitchen!?

Laurel MacD said...

What a fun Christmas. When we first got our Cutco knives I had dreams about cutting my fingers, they were so sharp!

Freckles Chick said...

Ohhhh, you brat! =) So jealous of that gorge lumbar pillow. I spy a hint of the ever-so-chic trellis pattern--what a find!!

Kim & Ryan said...

My heart is beating fast and a single tear fell down my cheek from seeing those beauties.... I love love love your new Christmas things and your scores from Goodwill.


LyndsAU said...

what a great Christmas you had. I love all that you got with your Christmas money :) And your husband did great :)

Tiffany Lynn said...

Is that a Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS system? If so, my husband and I were gifted the exact same thing by my parents!! What a coincidence :)

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Ohh I wished I had a PB outlet! You scored big time! Real nice stuff!

I got a vacuum (I actually wanted it. I know. Dork!), purses and a laptop. I also scored at the after christmas sale. Go and take a peak at my blog. Got pictures too. ;)

Jen M said...

"Love ya Jesus" had me laughing!

LOVE the glasses, they are fabulous, they look like they have been carved out of ice.

The green and white plates are perfect for me, how did you know? I'll be sending my address shortly.

You'll be fine with the sharp knives (I hope!) - sharp knives are actually safer than blunt ones as they get on and do the work without slipping or too much effort.

I'm voting dark bronze for the plate stand (jealous! love it!)

Am totally in love with everything you got!!

Email me and I'll send you my personal Photoshop actions to play with if you want. You can see them at (let me if you want any templates / borders.)

Karen said...

Wow, you did so well! Love all the PB items and the kick #$@ pillow!!!! Can't wait to see what turn up for your birthday. A very happy and healthy new year to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love everything! My parents got us a Garman last Christmas and I LOVE it. I'm still *new* to my husband's hometown, so its a lifesaver trying to find places!

LyndsAU said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. It actually looks great on. Very flattering (thank goodness) :)

Bayjb said...

Great gifts! I love the glasses, very cute. I wish we had a Pottery Barn closer to me!

Lindsay said...

love all the loot! ESP those darling plates!

mrs.leah.maria said...


Basir Seerat said...

Merry chrismas and happy new year,
in fact this blog is so mach intrasting ,

Emily said...

You got tons of loot, let me know how those Cutcos work for you - I too am dangerous with knives, but nothing lights Mr. B's heart a fire like a new knife. Men.