Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Fridge-ed In Here

Katie over at Hyper Homemaker did a whole week of house cleaning before Thanksgiving. I, however, did about 0% of her dirt smackdown challenge. Somehow, there are always too many projects or goals or loads of laundry that make cleaning - well, unimportant. And because I don't want the boyfriend to leave me for some dust-inhalation-free home complete with a rubber-glove-wearing, floor-grout-scrubbin, toilet-bowl-wand-brandishing vacuumaholic - I decided it was time to do a little housework. More specifically, I would clean the fridge.

The fridge is important to Jeremy for two reasons –

  1. It holds the food.

  2. It cools the sweet tea.

Being the wife of a good ole southern boy makes both food & sweet tea very important to me as well. Here is my after shot of my fridgie:

Two finger wounds, twenty five Clorox wipes, five paper towels, two full trash bags, and one dishwasher load later - we have one very squeeky clean refrigerator. And it appears that we have more condiments than food. And that is pretty funny because I threw out about 17 bottles of salad dressing. Also, funny is the fact that we have four jars of mayonnaise. And I don't use mayo for anything except deviled eggs.

Maybe it is time to get to the supermarket. Or maybe I can wait till after Christmas is over. I think Jeremy will be fine as long as the tea is cold...


LyndsAU said...

I need to do this very soon :) It's amazing what you accumulate huh?

Emily said...

Nice fridge, lady! I'm a fridge nazi. It gets cleaned out once a week before I hit the grocery store, and scrubbed to the bone once a month. It's the one thing I clean. I even labeled the shelves so that B would put things back where I want them. I might be a little controlling. But only over the fridge.

Freckles Chick said...

Now do me! (Wait that came out wrong.) My fridge, that is. It is in some serious need of TLC. I'm good at throwing out expired/bad food but cleaning is a different story. I think there's an inch of crumbs on each shelf.

(We got sooooooo addicted to sweet tea on our trip to North Carolina a couple years ago.)

Anonymous said...

We are a condiment-loaded family as well. I try to remember to write the date I open them on the top. Because sometimes I find jars of a cool condiment and don't even remember opening it, so I am afraid to use it!
Good job!

Anonymous said...

First, yay for the shout out! :) Secondly, I LOVE how hilarious you are. And seriously Clorox wipes and I are bff. I couldn't live without them. GREAT job! It's sparkling clean! :)

G+D said...

LOL! You are too cute! Great job on your nice clean fridge! *high5*