Monday, December 1, 2008

Me Thanky

November brought many with me.

I am thankful that this book portrayed love before and beyond intimacy. Sure, I wouldn't recommend that teenage girls be ok with dating a blood-sucker or someone who confesses to coming into their bedroom at night while they sleep or going to Italy without parental consent - but like millions of others, I loved it. And although I have been accused of using a fictional vampire as a standard of romance (on more than one occasion), I am thankful to Mrs. Meyer for reminding me of how I need to see my boyfriend. You are my Edward, honey, and I love you.

Natalie Merchant's My Skin
Sure, this song reminds me of I imagine Belle feels in New Moon. And I love that. But I am most thankful for this little tune because it is my sad song vs. my happy song (which is Baby Got Back). Sometimes people feel sad, or mourn, or struggle, or just get moody. And this is my moody song - and I am glad to finally find you.

$65 during the after Thanksgiving sale - still haven't opened the box - I am a little afraid that it will cause a cataclysmic sewing frenzy...but I am thankful all the same. I am thankful for the potential to be Martha. Look at Me - I am Crafty McCrafty - almost.

My Babies
Clara, Braden and Cole are the lovies of my life. They make me smile, make me laugh, make me well up with pride, and make my heart feel like bursting in a million sparkly twinkle lights. Bring on the bullets or moving vehicles - I'll take them all to protect my little ones. Sometimes I love them so much I wonder if I will be disappointed having my own kids. How could they compare to these amazing children of wonder!?!? I am so very thankful to have them in my life. And I thank their mothers, my sisters, for popping them out regardless of the stretching, bleeding or tearing pain.

Ahh - friendsgiving - I am very thankful for our make-believe holiday. And I am thankful for these girls - they are like night and day and bring me the sunshine and the stars. I am thankful that we can share, grow, and laugh. How blessed I am to have such wonderful friends!

Mr & Mrs Dan Fary
Thank goodness for couples like this - these are our peeps and we were thrilled to be at the day they officially became one. I am thankful that they argue just as much as we do - it makes us feel normal. I am thankful that they love soccer just as much as we do - it makes us jealous that they have decent knees. And I am thankful that they fought to stay together - it makes us believe in love and forgiveness.

I am sincerely thankful to you all and for each one of you. When it comes the projects that I am attempting, you are all so generous with your kindness even when things are just ok. And don't get me started on how you all dole out the compliments when a haircut happens! It is amazing to learn from complete strangers how to dish out thoughtfulness. So thanks. gracious. merci. grasce. danke. thank you. from the bottom of my heart.


SAB said...

Get ready to be a sewing freak. I have only had my machine for a week and I have already made two pillow covers and a purse. Someone stop me!!

kari said...

Yay for Twilight! And all the other things too! ;)

Bayjb said...

This is a great list. First off, I LOVE that Natalie Merchant song. I have loved it for a long time and I'm glad it's getting some blog love. Twilight is great and I'm glad you pointed out that it's love beyond physical, it's really emotional.

Michael said...

Super cool post...and now I'm more intrigued than ever to check out Twilight.

Anonymous said...

ooooh!ooooh! Great steal on the Singer! Me jealous!

Mrs. Limestone said...

I saw that $65 sewing machine and seriously considered bringing it home with me. Then I realized I can't sew and don't have a clue of how to operate that machine so what was I thinking???

Do you already know how or are you just going to wing it?

G+D said...

Jeesh Katie--this post made me cry! It was so sweet and so thoughtful. Wow. I am thankful to have YOU as a blogging buddy. You are always entertaining and so gracious. Thanks for what you bring to my day!

G+D said...

Hey girl--I tagged you on my blog! =)