Friday, December 19, 2008

Trim and Hood

We have lots of photos to share.
Not many words.
I am beat.
Like if I was "it".
And everyone in the world was listening to this song.
I told Jeremy that we need to play PS3 for a whole week to recover...
he seemed to like that idea :)

The trim needed painting.
The trim included the crown molding and the doors.
I decided to go with Benjamin Moore Pastel Base paint in semi-gloss.
Technically, it is just the paint base that the guy adds colorant to.
I had to convince him to sell it to me.
The convo went like this -
Paint Sales Guy - "Technically that isn't a color. I need to add the colorant. They trained me to always put an additive in."
Me - "but I want it as additives."
P.S.G. - "Technically its not a color paint then. I don't know that it would work."
Me - "the guy at Lowes sold me just base before and it worked fine."
P.S.G. - "hmm...I just don't know if I can do that...You are supposed to pick a color and I'm supposed to add the color..."
Me - "I promise I won't return it. I promise to always pick a color from now on. I just REALLY need this can of paint - I am painting trim and it will be easy to remember the color name if I ever need to buy more...which won't happen because I promised already to always pick a color."

So it worked.
He sold me the paint.
It is perfect.
We taped off the kitchen and hallway and den to paint trim.
We used two different kinds of tape...
blue tape
and brown paper tape.
and the after.
with tape still up.
I think it looks so much cleaner...especially the doors.
and in the den, the tape came of cleaner.
do you think it is because the drywall is newer in here?
remember the hall?
yeah, the paint went up
and so did the tape.
Here she is in all her striped blue glory.
three coats.
It was fast-drying.
that definitely helped.
Just splendid.
And looking at this pic makes me wish for hardwood floors in the dining room.
I hate our carpet.
but installing wood floors is not an activity I wish to reminsce about...
it was about as fun as swallowing a porcupine.
our trash can full of used painters tape.
this cant be good for the environment.
the brown is probably more eco-friendly.
unfortunately we used more blue.
touchup needed.
will do tonight.

the kitchen needs that hood.
I need that hood.
we decided to use it ductless.
so that did save us some time.
see the inerds?
complicated stuff, eh?
we were so happy when it actually worked.
she looks nice, right?
we tested it several times.
the faceplate was a royal pain to get on.
and that is an understatement.
an hour and a half (just for the faceplate).
we are actually considering sending the designers a letter
on how the faceplate & hood itself is flawed for easy installation.
one prob - I think the designer is Italian.
And the kitchen in all its messiness.
my to-do list is getting longer as more stuff gets crossed off...
is it supposed to work that way?


  • tile on opposite side of kitchen behind microwave
  • scrape any remaining thinset (or icing as Jeremy calls it) from the cracks.
  • clean the entire backsplash
  • grout
  • seal grout
  • install breaker so hood can get some juice
  • install hood
  • reattach any molding
  • paint window and trim
  • replace light above sink
  • sand kitchen wall
  • paint kitchen


  • scrape windows
  • reattach flaceplates
  • touchup paint
  • clean everything
  • decorate
  • cook


Emily said...

There's really nothing I can say except, "WOW". Your house looks amazing, your know-how impresses me daily, when can I move in? I paint, bake, and play video games (well, really I only play Wii bowling. But I'll bring the Wii).

Michael said...

Ok, tip for you for your next painting the trim first, it doesn't matter if you get a little on the ceiling/walls. Then use a slanted paint brush to bring the wall color to the trim. It comes out perfect every time...I don't tape off anymore.

Jen M said...

Total wow. You are my hero! And don't you hate store assistants who can't think outside the box? Ugh, where's the initiative?

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll,

I know you guys are probably sick of me talking about the's done though so, YAY!! I can shut up about it!

Oh and Michael dearest, that is definitely a tip I will have to remember. Do you happen to know what size brush works best? I have tried a regular flat 2 incher with limited success hence the ridiculous amounts of tape. Slanted - here I come!

Emily - you bring the wii - I'll bring the "WEE!!!"

Jen - I know!! I was seriously thankful for his desire to do his job correctly (hard to find these days) but the customer is always right, right?!

XO - Katie

G+D said...

OMG Katie--it looks so amazing!! I cannot believe all you guys have done. It looks SO GOOD! I hope you get lots and lots of rest and recovery and can enjoy your kitchen soon!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Um, yes, she looks nice!!!

You are incredible woman and lol at your paint convo.

Karen said...

I am swooning over your hood. Amazing!!!!

I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart of all the positive and supportive comments you have left for me. You are an amazing person and your support and blog friendship means to world to me. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!


Anonymous said...

It's looking great Katie! You are a busy, busy girl these days! :)

Laurel MacD said...

It will be so nice to spend Christmas looking at things you have done, instead of staring at all the things you need to do. It looks lovely, really lovely.

Kim & Ryan said...

The hood looks amazing.

You are amazing me with all you are getting done!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You really have been working hard! It took me a whole weekend just to paint my bathroom (and its small, with only half walls)! Can I hire you to help my paint my family room?

thestamfordwife said...

The kitchen looks fantastic - lovin' that shiny new hood!

There is nothing like freshly painted trim work to make a room look nice and "crispy" clean.

Michael said...

Hey Katie...I have the slanted brushes in all different sizes...1", 1.5", and 2". If I'm painting a long wall, I'll use the 2", but around windows/trim, I've found that the smaller brushes can be easier to maneuver. I've always used Purdy brand brushes from Home Depot and they work great.

Timothy said...

What a great job on all the trim work! You had a lot of trim and crown molding to paint around (and your trash can shows all the evidence!), but you made it.

Great work!