Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lowriders VS Highrollers

I want a daybed for my dressing room. Primarily because it would be nice to have another bed for guests. Additionally I would like a place of lounging. Sure the couch is nice. But the TV is always on. And our Master bed is available. But that is such a nice cocoon of a space, I tend to fall asleep. All I need is a daybed so that I can sit, read, doodle, or just listen to music. My space to just daydream. Or tell jokes to myself in my head. Or think about Donald Trump's hair. If I were him, I would fire that combover :)

And the bed I wanted and drooled over and blogged about was West Elm's overlapping squares daybed. Oh it is nice. So nice. And sweet sassy molassy, our local Pottery Barn outlet had one! Sure, it was a bit dinged up. But c'mon!

So I called Jeremy to come look at it. He pulled it outta the rack (it was in three parts) and set it on the floor. And I thought somehow Ashton Kutcher decided to play a prank on little old nobody me. I started looking for the cameras.

The thing is like MINI ME! It is only 30 inches high...at it's tallest point! That's only 2 and a half feet for the back rail. That means the mattress is, oh, barely six inches off the floor. I would have to roll over onto the floor to get up. Blasted bad knees. So immediately I was crushed. I spent twenty minutes trying to rack my brain on how to hoist this lovely designed beauty higher. But in the end, I had to agree with the Chinese stewardess requirements...height is a deal breaker.

So I went back to the post where I originally dreamed about West Elm's ridiculously short daybed and noticed a comment from Mrs. Rauth recommending a daybed from Ikea. Oh sweet joy! Sweet double sassy molassy - it is a wonderful looking daybed!

It even resembles a much fancier (and much more expensive) Pottery Barn version.

The best part is that the Tromsnes is a full 16.5 inches taller than West Elm. That has my knees saying "thank you" and my wallet isn't hurting either.

The only part I worry about is that I haven't heard any feedback about this bed...do you guys know the ins and outs? I need the scoop on this metal wonder. Dish girls. And I know I will get backlash from all you overlapping squares lovers out there...she is fabulous. But Bob (the name of the cadaver ligament in my knee) isn't so into her. He's old fashioned. He doesn't like lowriders. It causes too many cracks :)


The Rauths said...

I LOVE that bed! If it wasn't for my commitment to not bring anymore furniture into our house until i clean, clean, clean, she'd be mine. resting easy in my office. o i'd get great use out of her!

here's the scoop i have on her. my brother and sister-in-law own her and love, love, love the bed. i've slept in it a few times in my years past, too. my brother even claims his 6'5" 250+ football playing friends sleep in it without issue.

bonus: you can buy a simple, basic pop-up trundle from a mattress store for under $150 (you can shop around) and it will fit under the bed because it's "standard" height.

invest in a good mattress and back and end pillows.

oh i'm so drooling over this bed again...mr. rauth is going to laugh! i'm learning patience this year!

Mrs. 5C said...

I don't know anything about this morsel of Ikea yumminess, but it looks pretty! :)

The Rauths said...

oh and forgot to mention...sister-in-law stores several of those deep but short ikea boxes under there and they look great, when you notice them!

Heidi said...

I can't speak on the quality of their bed frames, but Ikea is having a sale right now. I don't know if that specific bed is on sale, but it might worth a trip sooner rather than later.

Michael said...

I want a dressing room. With a daybed. Fancy, schmancy :o)

Tamstyles said...

I like the ikea bed. I would fancy that bed up with some paint and go all OUT! it cant cost that much so it depends on your pocket book.

Jen M said...

My friend had her grow up neice staying with her for a while and bought that daybed as her bed. She said it was fine quality-wise. And of course, it's pretty too! I say go for it.

Anonymous said...

chinese stewardess height requirements?

1. not all chinese are the same size
2. stewardess = flight attendant

how very un-pc of you. :(

Katie said...

A big thank you to all you who had some constructive information to tell me about the Ikea daybed. I think you made up my mind...it's gonna be perfect! :)

And to you dear sweet Anonymous...yes, I am very unpolitically correct. And frankly I don't give a darn :) And since when are politicians correct about anything?!?! That's what I wanna know. So you are invited to stay, read about my little adventures in suburbia and chuckle at my ridiculously corny jokes that make fun of everyone including myself and my husband...or you can choose to skip Bower Power...that is your choice. Ahhh - freedom!

And to answer your questions - a stewardess is a female flight attendant...I looked it up :) And according to this article -


there are still height requirements for those lovely ladies. Also, I never said that all Chinese are the same height...no putty wordies in my mouthy :) Take Sun Ming Ming for example - he would appreciate my new choice in daybed.

So if you have any further questions, accusations, or general statements, hit me with them. But please don't expect me to be PC - that will happen when Italians stop drinking wine :)

XO - Katie

Anonymous said...

you are so gay.

Kim & Ryan said...

I cannot believe that the west elm bed is that low. That's terrible.

I love the look of the Ikea bed, but I don't have an Ikea in any close distance to us, so I have no clue about it.

Nornie Gal said...

So, since we had our conversation I had to come check out your annonymous commenter. I think someone is a generally unhappy person who doesn't have anything constructive to say. And it's HILARIOUS that right after blasting you about being un-pc, they call you gay!! Now, if that's supposed to mean you are a happy well-adjusted person with a positive outlook on life, than...I agree. But I'm pretty sure they meant that to be a derogatory comment...which means they use homosexuality as a put-down and are rather un-pc themselves!!
Ironic, no? This is a classic pot calling the kettle black. 'Annonymous' is probably just bitter they're not as totally awesome as you! :o)
And that's my two cents.

Nornie Gal said...

Oh...and I totally got distracted and forgot to mention that I love the west elm bed...but it really isn't practical at that size. The other isn't as striking to look at but MUCH more useful.

Ashleynotjessica said...

At least the irony was not wasted on you.
Yay you, for not being blonde!

20-Something Superhero said...

I can't say that I've ever seen the daybed myself, but I know John & Sherry at thisyounghouse.com have the West Elm one, and it looks perfectly fine in their sunroom. Maybe it's a defective one? And that's why it's at the outlet??

Katie said...

You guys always come back with such great input! And Cindy, I totally agree - it looks absolutely fabulous in TYH's sunroom - not low at all! Either John & Sherry have good knees (they must really know how to get down!) or the West Elm folks are cutting corners...err, legs to save on cost! We even measured the outlet one to our leg so that we could compare with the website later. Boohoo.

I guess I will get over it though...I just found a Restoration Hardware daybed that is just like the Ikea Tromsnes...so now I am really in love :) Fickle girls have the most fun!

XO - Katie