Monday, February 9, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

I don't know about ya'll but I do NOT like the idea of purchasing art. Sure, Etsy has some great folks who are reasonably priced and their work is FANTASMICO. but didn't those people want to be 'starving artists'?! And who am I try to force feed someone who wants to be skinny?!?! Now force feeding a child is my style...or coercion to get a man to eat vegetables....I have even been known to shove a spoon in old peoples mouths (they gotta get their fiber)....but handing over a little, tiny, wee bit of moolah for a unique and utterly beautiful piece of art is not how I roll. I like art that is cheaper than dirt (and not that expensive fortified dirt...I am talking about the free dirt that comes with children, animals, and gossipers).

So obviously I was swooning and cringing when I saw the above photo in the December issue of Cottage Living. I was totally in love with the piece. I love the depth of darkness and the softness of light. It's modern. It's fresh. It's totally unique. But it's also probably ridiculously expensive. And I would never buy art that costs more than my first car. I mean, art doesn't even have a motor! Or air conditioning....oh car didn't have that either. So what's a cheapskate girl to do?

DIY! that's what! Out came a new frame (curtesy of Tar-ghey $8) and my box of paints and a scrap of white twill fabric. My goal was to make a piece that had tons of browns, lots of contrast, and even more randomness. And for all you artsy fartsy folks out there - I used a 2 inch brush, acrylic paints, and a large glass of sweet tea. (the tea was for a little inspiration...and a hit of caffiene. every artist needs a muse!)

Ten minutes later my masterpiece was near completion. Some might say that it resembled a muddy mess...but look closely and you might see a cloudy river or a stormy night or a few angel wings or even a howling coyote. The key is to paint till you feel happy...or buzzed from the Lipton. And then frame that baby.

In our den, we have been phasing out the red accents. It was time to replace the crimson magazine holder that called our hearth home for the last year. And my new paint-doodle was just the neutral piece that could temporarily turn our fireplace into an art gallery. Adding a candle and a bowl with mossy orbs was just the right pieces to complete the look.

Plus my new artwork covers up that little metal knob that is essential for cutting off the gas for our fireplace logs. But that ain't the best part. The fact that this beauty cost under $10 (and that includes the frame) puts the "lust" in my "illustration". Plus this is one piece of artwork that I won't see as I lurk on your blogs. It is totally unique. And that makes me very happy.

So now all you gotta do is get out there and get some inspiration - grab some paint and leftover fabric and you will be well on your way to creating a masterpiece that will put Picasso to shame. And for all of you that need a little shove in the right direction - check out some of these fabulous posters that would be perfect for a little copy-cat action here here and here. You too can be Monet (and keep your ears while you're at it!). Artsy Fartsy never smelled so good.


Emily said...

(for once in my life not being sarcastic) I totally see the coyote. I am mucho impressed. Since we're going to become blood BFFs after our test results come in, do you think that I could just have you do my art for me? I failed 1st grade art. And 2nd. And 3rd. You get the picture (pun totally intended).

Tamstyles said...

ME took my honey off!

Jen M said...

It's fantastic! You're a genius. (And you know where to go if you want free photographic art...)

Tiffany Lynn said...

Nice job! I love that you put it on the fireplace instead of on the wall :)

kari said...

It looks fantastic!

Audieb said...

I love it! So, once you have the painting done how do you go about framing it?

Katie said...

Audieb -

Frame the art just like you would a photo or a poster...pop that sucker in the frame - anchor with your handy-dandy scotch tape and put it all together again. It really is too simple. Just make sure your scrap of fabric is bigger than the opening of the mat for a clean and professional looking piece of art.

XO - Katie

Jen said...

Impressive! Nicely done... love that you put it on the fireplace and not the wall!

PS happy belated birthday! I've been 28 for 5 months, and haven't lost teeth or gained a ton of weight. So you should be alright for another 5 months... beyond that, I'm not so sure.

20-Something Superhero said...

Looks great. Especially with the stuff you paired it with!!

Candice said...

Maybe I am crazy but, I swear I see a silhouette of a Mother looking down at the silhouette of her baby. I probably am crazy, but thats me. I do love your painting it looks perfect on the fire place.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love it. You make it looks so easy and it looks fabulous!

Joi said...

It looks great! : )

Lovely Little Nest said...

This looks great! But where on earth did you find such a matted frame for less than $10?! Share, sister!

Freckles Chick said...

I see storm clouds on a summer's day. Or maybe a frothy latte. Either way, it's captured my heart. Just divine!!
Is there anything you CAN'T do?!

Anonymous said...

GAH! Stop being all crafty on me! I can't deal b/c I can't even BUY stuff and have it look good. haha. Can you come decorate my house? Please???? I'll pay for your airfare! :)

Katie said...

Ok - so far we have the following "visions" in the art -

mother looking at baby
storm clouds on summer day
frothy latte
feathers (my sis)
angel wings (my boytoy)

Anybody else wanna dish on what your eye sees when looking at the new art?

XO - Katie