Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sproost Style Quiz has a find-your-style quiz available. And if I do say so myself, it looks to be quite accurate!

Those sproost folks gave me my results and as you can see, I am 41% Nantucketian and 41% Cottage Chic...with an 18% dash of Hollywood couture thrown in for kicks :)

Let me see here what I agree with...

Love the beach? check.
Coastal art & accessories? check
Natural fabrics, cottons & linens? check
Light wood & wicker? not so much
White, light beige, blues, greens, and greys? check check check check and check
Comfy furniture? check

So yeah - I can definitely say that I love being a Nantucket girl. Although I am not particularly drawn to light colored wood, I definitely am attracted to all the other aspects of beach life. Good Job Sproost!

Moving on to Cottage Chic...

Carefree spirit? check
Appreciate modern art & hip treasures? check
Love old and new? check
Light background? partially check

While I love to swim in a modern and chic world free from florals and cheesiness (except my jokes, of course) I can appreciate a warm chocolate room or some black painted floors (like the photo above). I only wish that this description gave me more clue on what the particulars of cottage chic were.

Finally my smattering of hollywood couture...

Sparkly crystal? love looking at it - not lucky enough to own it
All things flashy? Not so much.
Sense of opulence? I wish.
Rich feeling? yes please.
Over the top with livability? how is that possible?
Luxury? I am begging.

So overall, I definitely agree to the mix of these three styles as something that would be an accurate representation of me. Sure, it isn't always possible to make your home a complete reflection of you...especially these days with different trends flying in and out the door with ludicrious speed or when you try to make sure any home improvements are appealing to the masses. But it is definitely helpful for the next time I go shopping. It'll help me reign in the brain and focus by chanting "nantucket, cottage, hollywood".

So ya'll...what's your sproost style? Do you agree with the sproost assessment? Or is it whack like crack?


Heidi said...

I'm 50% Modern Elegance, 40% Classic, and 10% French Electic. Although, none of these styles represent my current household, they definitely illustrate how I would love to decorate my home.

Kim & Ryan said...

lmao at "whack like crack"... you totally crack me up.

I cannot get the script to work on my computer... sigh... I guess I'll never know.

Freckles Chick said...
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Freckles Chick said...


I'm 40% French Eclectic, 33% Hollywood Couture, 27% Contemp.
"Even though there are French antiques here and gold details there, the rustic country elements provide a balance and warmth that seems to say, "come in, relax and stay a while." "

I'd like to think I'm this refined and will claim to be so from now on(umm, my French antiques are in storage--and by storage, I mean I don't own any.)

Jen M said...

I got 33% Classic, 33% Nantucket and 34% Cottage Chic - how's that for an even split?!

SLH said...

Okay I'm: 59% Tacky, 20% Cheap-O, 21% Color-blind ...oh, wait that's what my house really looks like!

Fo' real, yo: 41% Vintage Modern, 32% Rustic Revival, 27% Nantucket Style.... can we still be friends Katie?
Thanks for the little game, that was fun. Find us some more =)

Averill said...

I was 31% Modern Elegance, 31% Vintage Modern and 38% Hollywood Couture -- I'm not sure I'm more Hollywood than I am, say, vintage (I'm not THAT into mirrors and crystal)...but the mix of those three seems about right.

Melissa said...

Hi Katie - this is Melissa from Sproost. Thanks so much for writing about us, and I love your blog! It's great that your readers are sharing their style results with each other. We want to add that to Sproost next!

You can follow us on Twitter if you want to see when we release new features (and when I find great pieces too). Thanks again!

G+D said...

I took one of these quizes on HGTV one time and it said my style was "Bachelor Pad." And that was AFTER I check the box stating I was a female. Hmmm...