Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Nothing get's my heart throbbin' like an interactive online decorator. So naturally I am totally diggin' Anthropologie's Hardware Store. Experiment with different dressers or cabinets, change the color and add a few totally fun knobs and handles to create your own favorite look. It's more fun than Bengay on a toilet seat :)

Here are some of the ones I came up with:


Heidi said...

That's such a cool feature! Just one more reason Anthropologie rocks.

Do you need to put Bengay on your toilet seat because of all your potty humor???

Katie said...

Heehee! That would work too Heidi! I was originally referring to the classic prank of squeezing a tube of the heat-inducing cream for the next poor sitter-downer. It let's them feel the burn while "feeling the burn", if you will. It also causes snort-laughter for those who hear the potty-plopper's reaction :)

go ahead - try it know you wanna :)

XO - Katie

Freckles Chick said...

Didn't a Bengay incident happen to a customer in a Home Depot once? Wonder whatever happened to that guy?

I love this feature! Seeing as how I can't afford anything in Anthropolgie, this will make me feel like I am worthy of their knobs. I love the cocktail rings!

newlyb said...

These knobs are all so pretty, but sadly, out of my price range. Can you make any suggestions of the best places to buy drawer pulls/knobs that might be more budget friendly? I'm writing from Canada, but we have most of the major building supply chains in my city. Thank you!

Katie said...

Newlyb - I hear ya girl...I am the same way about hardware (I like it just like my doublecheeseburgers - cheap and dripping in deliciousness!)

You might wanna check out the discount bins at Lowe's or Home Depot - sometimes you can find a dozen of the plain and simple hardware for under $4. And I like peeking in on from time to time to get an idea of appropriate price points. Not only do they carry nice stuff but the prices are more affordable. Beyond that - I would say keep your eye on EBAY, Craigslist, and definitely hit up some yard sales and flea markets - those places are virtually gold-mines for all varieties of different hardware.

Good luck in your search!

XO - Katie

newlyb said...

Thanks so much! This is a great jump-off point. I'll hopefully be blogging about the results soon!

Emily said...

Oh, that's so fun. I love those checkered knobs. hmmm...what could I put those knobs on?