Friday, March 27, 2009

Linen Closet Organized

This is a boring post. But if you are already bored, it won't hurt to read. Or if you are looking to become un-bored, get a bag of marshmallows and stuff one into your mouth every time you read the word "STUFF" - then say the title of this post after each mellow - it's like playing Chubby Bower Power. One million points to those who can do more than six marshmallow. (STUFF)

Our linen closet is in the upstairs hall. And we just STUFFed it full of STUFF to make room for more STUFF in other areas. By now it is a mess full of my old apartment STUFF, Jeremy's old apartment STUFF, STUFF we have acquired during our marriage, and a good deal of new STUFF.

And now for my boring after. Yup, nothing color coded or labeled or with shmancy organizers from a Home STUFF store. Just the ole fashioned stacked items. We do keep a heck of a lot in there though. Look at all this STUFF -

5 pillows, 2 sleeping bags, 7 blankets, 1 heated blanket, 2 body pillows, 6 sets of queen sheets, 1 extra duvet cover and shams, 7 beach towels, 2 sets of twin sheets, one mattress protector, and all the ironing STUFF! STUFF, STUFF, STUFF! (that is for those people with giant pie holes)

And that is after we purged a lot of STUFF! Having all that STUFF organized instead of just STUFFed in feels really good. So have you cleaned your linen closet lately? Find any weird STUFF? I found a dropcloth. Complete with paint stains and pine needles. Stranger things have happened :)

Okay I am done with the boring post - so like scrunchies and tightrolling, I am out. (STUFF!)


Anonymous said...

I didn't play the your STUFF game, but my pie hole is pretty small so I'm sure I would have just choked or gagged after the first paragraph.

I have to say, I'm amazed at how much STUFF you can STUFF in to your linen closet! I must have the world's smallest linen closet b/c we have 2 sets of sheets, 8 bath towels and 4 beach towels and ours is STUFFED to the gills. I'd love to be able to store more STUFF like you! :)

Emily said...

Nice closet. My senior year of college I won a free shot at our favorite bar because I stuffed more marshmallows in my mouth (14) than anyone else. It was my greatest claim to fame for three years until I won a beer chugging contest on our honeymoon. Classy, no?

Anyway, totally going to find my marshmallows and re-read this post. Too bad a shot isn't on the line.

Kelli said...

You crack me UP! I love almost anything organization so this was good for me. That is a lot of...dare I say it, STUFF.

Freckles Chick said...

Boring? Puh-SHAW! It's an organizer's dream.

Instead of marshmallows, I'm going to take a shot each time someone utters "STUFF". Does marshmallow flavored liquer exist?

Jennifer said...

you are funny. crazy how much STUFF accumulates in a linen closet, huh? I just, cleaned ours out, and it already looks bad again. jeez.

Jen M said...

There will be no STUFFING marshmallows in my pie hole since tonight I had to go and STUFF myself into bathing suits to buy a new one and I am now brutally aware of how much extra STUFFING I am toting around. It was an exceedingly depressing experience.

But well done on the organisation. Hang onto each and every one of those pillows as you will probably find yourself sleeping with them all when you are pregnant one day.

Elizabeth said...

Man, I wish we had a linen closet. We pile our STUFF on top of the washer/dryer or throw it in the guest room (aka situation room).

Kim said...

I don't find that post boring... but perhaps that says more about me.

I'm totally amazed that you can fit that much in there. Can you come over and help me squeeze STUFF in my place?

Sara said...

Wow! This makes me feel like I am not using my linen closet to its fullest. I could stuff some much more in there! And of course, it will hopefully look as neat as yours!

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