Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Goals

Last month I didn't do goals. It was my birthday month and I decided to take it off. But now that it is March - I am rarring to go! (by the way - for those of you that don't know Spanish (mom), we do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo this month. During a brain spasm, I told someone that this Thursday was the Mexican holiday...smart, Katie, real smart).

Let's get to it:

March Goals

1. Finish super duper secret project
2. Make a treat for firemen (also known to many as 'hotties' - get it? heehee)
3. Go to the gym a total of six times
4. Finish copying all photos onto Snapfish and Photobucket
5. Purge closet
6. Mud the basement bedroom
7. Sew two pillows & four dishtowels
8. Read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
9. Dance for at least one minute every day
10. Take birth control & vitamin every day
11. Review Spanish words for days of the week and months of year

For clarification sake - I do not call firemen hotties - so if you think that I would think that about our brave fire-fighting heroes, you would be thinking wrong. Unless that hero is my brother - who happens to be a volunteer fireman....and he is hot....in a totally non-incestual way. This is awkward. I love Jeremy.

#8 is the first on the list of the 100 books I have to read before I die. I figure it takes me a while so I better get started.

#10 is still ridiculously hard. I forgot three in a row this week - so don't be surprised if I have to announce something in a month or so. ***NOTE: No - I am not pregnant....I think.

And lastly #1 is gonna rock your socks off...so tie those hightops on tight friends :)


Freckles Chick said...

Oooh, can't wait to see what your secret project is. I was going to be all like, is your secret project a baby? But then you nixed that idea. Then I got all queasy thinking about getting pregnant as a secret project,so........did it just get weird in here?

I hope you love Pride & Prejudice b/c it's so worth it! Easily my favorite Austen novel.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say that I keep my BCP on my nightstand with a glass of water so that whenever I wake up I can take it. Even on the weekends when i still want to sleep longer I don't even have to get out of bed!

MrsRoy said...

I am so SO with you on #10. I'm constantly worrying that I might be preggers b/c I always screw up my pills. Good thing the husband loves me anyway. :) I can never use the phrase "I have big news!" with friends who know this about me- they are constantly thinking I finally got myself pregnant! :)

Kim said...

You always have the best goals. I cannot wait to figure out your super secret projects.

And, I love your dancing for a minute a day. Do you just shake your bootie out of nowhere or do you have a pre-determined dance time? Just curious.

Katie said...

Kim - I am not really the kinda girl that plans ahead for most things...I would love to be that kinda gal but alas...so no - no predetermined times for booty shaking. Just groovin and movin whenever (and whereever) the fancy strikes me :)

And girls, I need all the help I can get for this pill thing so any suggestions will be attempted.

XO - Katie