Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peace (out) Lily

Yo, I have a lily! And it is a Peace lily. And it makes you peaceful. No, seriously. NASA did a study on houseplants and this sucker was among the top ten in removing indoor chemicals and keeping the air greener. Tell me that doesn't give you peace of mind, go ahead, I dare ya!

We got a honker of a plant at IKEA (of course) for $20. I don't know if this is a good price for one this large but it was the "Plant of the Week" so I bought it. It was calling my name!

I decided that the little area behind this chair in the den needed a little sprucing...err, a little lily-ing. And since we didn't have any foliage going on in this space, it was only a matter of time till it would feel sterile and cold.

Can you see her? She is peaking out from behind the chair. I love her. Although she is pretty, peace lilies aren't for everyone. Apparently they are toxic. And toxic is not a good thing - you can't believe everything you hear on a Britney Spears' single, you know? The peace lily leaves are NOT chew toys for animals and Moms - it is not ok to tell your kids to suck on the plant to shut them up...unless you are which case, alright.

From another angle, you can see that my NASA-approved houseplant looks quite homey. It just works. Like an OJ Simpson hand and a glove. Like Will Smith in Bel-Air. Or like Bower Power on your computer. Peace out lily.


Emily said...

That thing is huge! I love it and I love it's white pot.

(And I just checked my email and found your awesome response, you rock my world).

Rachel said...

I have that same pot - gotta love IKEA!
But be careful! The Peace Lily is EXTREMELY poisonous to animals:
I just thought you and your readers should know :)

Katie said...

Thanks Rachel for the link to warn everyone! Thankfully we don't have a wee pup or kitty that will be chewing my peace lily - although, I didn't think of warning know how boys like to put things in their mouths! :)

jk boyfriend!

XO - Katie

Jen M said...

Totally love it. Peace lilies are gorgeous and that one is such a nice size. I wish plants didn't die in my living room, but alas, there's too little light in there. I'll just have to be jealous.

Liz said...

If I ever become something other than a certified plant-killer, I am totally buying one of those things! Beautiful!

Tamstyles said...

that plant is huge...i kill plants..i have three on my desk at work now that are on their way out..i hate that..uhhh because they are so pretty...i do good with bamboo..water and leave it soaking and GO! but yours looks really good.

hopeful #1 said...


I love the white planter too! $20 for a big plant like that is great! I've purchased one that is 1/5 of the size for $8.00. That's a huge deal and it's just beautiful there! Great choice!

Freckles Chick said...

"Now this is a story all 'bout how, my life got flipped-turned upside down...."

It's such a beautiful plant--how can you not love something named "peace lily"?

Am totally loving your mantel decor, Katie!

Joi said...

Oooh! It looks great! I have a couple peace lilies in my home and they're about the only plant I have managed to keep alive!

20-Something Superhero said...

The plant is great!! Looks great. But as we have cats.. I dunno if I'd wanna venture with a peace lily. boo!

Nalini said...

Looks beautiful. Hw do you take care of it. I am so interested in having indoor plants but I am scared I will kill them

The Rauths said...

look at all the work you've done! looks great katie! =)

my $0.02 on ikea houseplants. my brother and sister-in-law bought some from there a few months back and about 8 weeks into having them home, they sprouted bugs (meaning the bugs were already egged onto the plant when they bought them) be careful! they had to throw out all their plants because the bug would not die at all costs! i'd say give it a good spray of vinegar and water now to kill any larva.

that was not to dampen your looks great in your house!

Kim said...

I love it...

But I feel it's my civic responsibility to tell you how creative of a writer you are. As much as I love your home decor (and I do, I really do), I love your writing more. You are the all-star of one-liners.

And, I felt that you deserved to know.

Katie said...

Mrs. Rauth - I have never heard that before! Thank you so much for the warning!

Now off to find a vinegar/water spray bottle!

XO - Katie