Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making a Garden Bed - Part 3

Geesh...I am tired of talking about this project. So I can only imagine that you all are tired of hearing about it. Sorry. Let's wrap this sucker up faster than a Taco Bell chalupa.

We prepped the garden...whoopdeedoo.

Then we bought the plants and dug the hole to put em in.

Not rocket science...just dig a space two times the size of the plant. Make sure you loosen the root ball and if there are any roots encircling the bottom, cut them or pull them loose. This will help your new plants to get established. Also, check the plant info to see if they are supposed to be planted flush with the ground or slightly above it. Plant, fill, press, water. It's easier than convincing a Biggest Loser contestant to eat layered cheese fries.

After your plants are in the ground, it would help to add landscaping fabric (to prevent hours of weeding that would take you away from your addiction to Twitter - don't deny it) and mulch. We still haven't decided what kind of mulch to use...I'll let you know when we do.

We chose the following for our yard - knockout roses, hydrangeas, phlox, hostas, azaleas, gardenias, howardi ligustrum, and delphinium. All whites, pinks, purples, and blues. We also wanted to plant some crepe myrtles but our landscaping friend told us to wait. So there you have it. Plants. Planted plants.

OOOhh and in the front bed of shrubs we also have a place to plant more flowers...see that big bare spot...yea...future flower bed right there. I thought about doing a bed of roses just to see if Christian Slater would appear...I'll let you know.

And because I am a dreamer...check out how I hope this area looks next week. A girl can wish, right?!?!


Jennifer said...

mmmmm cheese fries.

(it's coming along nicely!)

queenbee said...

Looks great!!! I need to do a lot of yard work as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

Freckles Chick said...

Mmmmm.... chalupa.

I'm so envious. Soon you'll get to reap the benefits of a gorgeous garden. While I'm still groaning at the scary shrub in our front yard that no one will touch.

I love your black door and entrance detail!!!!

*claire* said...

i'm not sick of it!

looks great :)

Candice said...

it looks great, thank god i have a gardner that does all that stuff, It looks like way too much work for my lazy butt.

Jen said...

Pretty! Nice work!

Kim said...

Love your flower choices.

I have faith it will look like that next year.