Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zen in the Den

What is zen decorating?

I was wondering. I know. It's like totally last season. Like teddy-bear wallpaper borders. But I still wanted to know.

So I looked it up. And surprisingly, I didn't run into a whole lotta 'what-is-the-sound-of-one-clapping-hand' rhetoric...instead I got some pretty kick-buddha tips on creating a space that encourages relaxation, peace, and harmony. And who doesn't need a little more of that?!?

So here are my fav zenny tips to use when creating your own little slice of nervana:

  • use simple, straight or clean lines
  • display no overpowering knick-knacks
  • decorate with little color or earthy tones
  • hang unfussy, light and airy, or sheer window treatments
  • incorporate nature and light and fire
  • use metal and wood (no plastic)
  • hang art that is pleasant and comforting

Then I got to work.

First I potted some "natural elements" to go into my den.

Then I switched out the lamp shade from the golden silky version to the white cotton version. Sure, this might not seem like a totally zen thing to do but the curtains are white and match the new shade (which creates unity). Plus, the yellow undertones of the previous shade were as distracting as a celebrity sporting a cameltoe. HELLO!

So after a quick switcheroo and adding some more frames to the top of my shelving units, it is definitely feeling more cozy. The colors are definitely more zen. I incorporated metal with my little thinking man statue on the center side table. The curtains are sheer. Next up - some feel-good art. And five more magazine holders for the left side bookcase....cover your eyes people. My shame is on display.

Anyhoo. The key is to create a comforting environment. And nothing I read said that you must use an Indian or Asian style. So there you have it...a little more zen in my den. So pretty it could make Chuck Norris cry...and yes, it can touch MC Hammer.

For more Zen style - with a bit of a Indian and Asian kick in the pants - check out this post at Elements of Style.


Amanda said...

Can you tell us where the den curtains and new pots are from? Love them!

Katie said...

Sure Amanda -

The curtains and pots are both from Ikea. The curtains are "IKEA STOCKHOLM FIGUR"...weird names.
And you can see the pots by searching "Kardemumma" on their website. The best part about their pots is that they have several different sizes that all cordinate. Love when Ikea thinks for me :)

XO - Katie

Joi said...

I was just at Ikea in Texas and wanted those curtains so bad! I restrained myself b/c I have no place for them in my home. : (

But, they look FAB in your den! : )

hopeful #1 said...

Your use of the IKEA pots make me want to drive 2 hours to pick some up! So clean and crisp looking! Not to mention their special on house plants too!

Hmmm, maybe next weekend!

The den looks awesome! I need a place like that in my house...

Love the little additions!

Amanda said...

Looove both! I just looked them up on the website, thank you so much for the info. Need to go home and measure so I can possibly get curtains when I visit Michigan in a few weeks! Trying to figure out in my head how I can transport back heavy pots too- haha!

I'm curious if the 2 combined panels are 57" wide or if each panel is 57"?

Katie said...

Amanda - ooohhh have fun when you go to Michigan. Just make sure you check the availability at the store for each product before you can do it online and it will help ensure you get what you want!

I believe that the measurements are for each panel. Extra fabric makes for more lusciousness :)

XO - Katie

Freckles Chick said...

Ah, I love me some Chuck Norris words of wisdom.....

*snapping back to reality*
Like everyone else, I adore your curtains! But it's that stack of vintage-looking books that's got my heart severely palpitating.


Amanda said...

Yeah, I don't bother checking availability in advance because it could always sell out before I get there. I find things I would like anyway :)

That's what I'm trying to determine about the curtains, how many packages I would need to buy to make them really full, so I'll have to take a look at the store!

T i f f a n y said...

Love those little pots :) Funny how some of the smallest changes can make the biggest results!

Centsational Girl said...

So pretty. Little changes make big impact. Fantastic !

Kim said...

you kinda remind me of Chuck Norris - do your tears cure cancer? I'll call you Chick Norris from now on, k?

But, I don't think Chuck can decorate a room with as much class and style as you do.

Love those vases. Thanks for sharing the name of them. And, darn Ikea for not having a store near me.

Lovely Little Nest said...

This is gorgeous ~ I love the updates!

Melanie said...

What color paint is in your Den and who is it by? Looks nice!

kmich said...

Hi katie,

de-lurking to ask: where are your leather chairs from? i'm decorating on a "budget", if you can even call it that, and trying to find something just like those two chairs!

thanks, kate

Alicia said...

This room is going to look great. I actually saved it to my inspiration folder for, well, inspiration of course.