Monday, May 4, 2009

15 Under 50 Updated

Attention all stingy Atlantans: ALL BOWER POWER's newest little thrifty helper 15 under 50 is now updated.

Check out my favorite find of the week under $50 available on Craigslist here in the ATL -

Cheap - check.

Domino blue color - check.

Makes me spin right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round - check.
Wanna see more? Click on the button in the side bar.

Wanna remake this video? yeah me too :)


Nalini said...

Thanks a lots for posting the craigslist items. It is really great that you take so much time to do research on the web to give us so much valuable information. I had a question .How do I go to the exact item in the craigslist? I see only the photo link.

Katie said...

Nalini - pause the slideshow when your desired item appears. Then run your mouse over the photo of the lovely desired item and above the said photo will appear the "GET LINKS" link. Click it and it will take you to the full craiglist link (cut & paste in your header) you can actually buy it!

Probably not the best is definitely a work in progress...but for now a little mouse action never hurt anyone :)

Good Luck!

XO - Katie

Michael said...

Seriously, that song just rocks...I'm all about the Flo-rida version too, although I was totally oblivous to the actual meaning of his lyrics until Jay pointed out that the song has NOTHING to do with spinning records. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Although I moved from Atlanta to Charlotte a couple of years ago to be near the hubs, I'm really regretting it at the moment! Atlant's craigslist has some killer finds! Maybe I'll take the 4 hour trip and pick up the modern credenze and bamboo mirror. :P