Tuesday, May 19, 2009

15 under 50 Updated

Attention Atlanta-ites, Georgia-dwellers, scavengers of a good deal, and packrats from near & nearer. Bower Power's 15 under 50 has been updated with a bunch more...well, 15 technically...of great Craigslist finds for your lusting pleasure that won't break the bank.

Favorite find of the week:

What does one ugly gold chandelier have in common with Martha Stewart? They are both in a chain gang! heehee. (Martha, if you are reading this I am sorry and I love you). No seriously. l.o.v.e. Anyhoo.

Getcha this craptastic blandelier for $15 and spray away for a good coverage of thin white coats followed up by a topcoat and....drumroll please....you end up with a look alike of this beeeeutiful Martha Stewart Veneto Glass Chandelier from Shades of Light.

Price difference = $ 1080.

Eat that with your bacon and smoke it...the bacon...smoke the bacon...it tastes really good that way. And after you finish eating, go check out some good ole southern deals by clicking the 15under50 button on the sidebar :)


abstika said...

I love your blog! I just picked up my own sweet Craigslist score. It was $40 not $15, but I'm proud. Photos are on my blog @ http://abstika.blogspot.com/

Amy said...

While I was checking out your 15 under 50, I noticed your Project Appreciation. I LOVE that green purse in the first picture! But there is no description! Where did you get it?

amy @ House Built for Two

Katie said...

Hey Amy -

That green purse is actually a tote from a Gap outlet. I think it was on sale for $6. I looked to see if they had it listed online but no such luck...you might wanna check out ebay!

XO - Katie

Marge said...

I love it! Did you just use a spray paint or paint sprayer? We have a sprayer but it is so time consuming to clean.

Katie said...

Hi Marge - actually the crappy chandy is the one listed on craigslist right now and I was just throwing an idea out there for a switcheroo! But to answer your question - I would definitely recommend spraypaint that is made for sticking to metal.

Here's to shopping!

XO - Katie