Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Goals

April Goals

1. Finish super duper secret project SUCCESS
2. Make a treat for firemen (still 'hotties' still hungry) POSTPONED
3. Go to the gym a total of six times FAILED
4. Finish copying all photos onto Snapfish and Photobucket PARTIAL SUCCESS PARTIAL FAILURE
5. Plant front yard garden bed with shrubs SUCCESS
6. Hire elusive Athenian to mud basement POSTPONED
7. Sew two pillows & four dishtowels SUCCESS
8. Read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen FAILED
9. Dance for at least one minute every day SUCCESS
10. Take birth control & vitamin every day FAILED
11. Finish dressing room POSTPONED
12. Finish master bedroom POSTPONED BUT NOT MY FAULT

May Goals

1. Girldate a Blogger
2. Make treats for firemen (still 'hotties' still very hungry)
3. Swim at gym three times
4. Finish copying all photos onto Snapfish and Photobucket
5. Write one encouraging note each week
6. Hire elusive Athenian to mud basement
7. Spray paint outdoor furniture
8. Buy, borrow, or rent Pride & Prejudice
9. Non-car dance for at least one minute every day
10. Upholster blue chair
11. Finish dressing room
12. Finish master bedroom

Please note that #1 is totally non-lezzy...I just wanna turn my internet connection into a real-life friend finder. We could all use more IRL friends right? So here is my ad...

MWF seeks F for non-experimental sisterhood-of-the-traveling-jeans-type-friendship. Interests include snoopbloggin, thriftiness, eating bacon, This Young House (go vote!), and Edward Cullen. Girl with girl action could include shopping at Goodwill, shopping at Pottery Barn outlet, eating bacon, reality TV watching and crafting crafty crafts. Location - metro Thuglanta. Must tolerate non-pc comments, celebrity & potty jokes, the constant smell of bacon, and penny pinching. Boyfriend-type-husband optional at events if bromance can be brewed.

Interested? Email me at

Not interested? (Hey Anon, I'm talkin to know I love you) Email me at


Austin said... I have to submit a resume before we hang out again? Because I do still have your umbrella, and its been raining a lot.

Anonymous said...

Dang! If only I was closer to Atlanta. Cause lord knows I looooove me some snoopbloggin. :)

Erynn said...

I was thinking this very thought about friends IRL just this morning. If only I-20 weren't so stinking clogged all the time btw. the 'Ham and Hotlanta!

Marge said...

Your garden looks so fab! I still haven't given my coffee table the Bower Power treatment but it is on my list for this weekend... thank you again a million times over for finding it! I wish I were near hot-lanta... still trying to make friends in STL and it is a slow process. Ahhh new cities... it was WAY easier in college, perhaps I should start a grown-up sorority?

Alicia said...

Haha---fantastic personal ad. If only people were that honest in actual ads, there'd be a lot more matched people in the world!

I'm up in Canada, so can't she-date you, I'm afraid, but have fun with whoever does!

Jennifer said...

hmmm are you into long-distance??

Gia said...

If I was closer to Atlanta, we could rent Pride and Prejudice together. Actually, I could bring it and we could watch it. NOT the Keira Knightly version. Colin Firth all the way.

You have inspired me to post my May goals!

Katie said...

Looks like I am gonna have to visit my family in Birmingham and meet some new friends!

And yes, Marge you should 100% start a grown-up sorority!

And Alicia, you should really consider long-distance she-dating. think about it :)

Finally Austin. My dear Austin. Nothing can speak more clearly than the words of the great artist Rihanna (and I quote):

"When the sun shines, we’ll shine together. Told you I'll be here forever. Said I'll always be your friend. Took an oath I'm gonna stick it out 'till the end. Now that it's raining more than ever,
Know that we'll still have each other. You can stand under my umbrella. You can stand under my umbrella. Ella Ella eh eh eh"

eh eh eh Austin eh eh eh.

XO - Katie

Anonymous said...

Jennifer and I are always up for a bromance/hoemance.

Katie @ said...

Watched P&P this week... oh I love that story too much. The tricky thing is picking which version to watch if you're going for the movie. Good luck with the projects.

Taryn said...

I would love to meet you! But I am pretty sure you do not live anywhere near the desert I live in. Darn.

Jen M said...

I'm SO interested. Pity about the OCEAN BETWEEN US.

Freckles Chick said...

Will you accept a stalker for a girldate? It's totally not's a.....friend of mine. Never mind, forget I said anything. =]

LMAO @ Wes's "bromance/hoemance"!

P.S. Just curious, do you forget to take the vitamin everyday or the BC pill? I'm horrible about mine. I keep waiting for you to announce a Bower Power baby as one of your "accomplished" goals. Ha!

Kim said...

Love the dishtowels and your landscaping looks ahhhmazing.

Can we meet in the middle. I would die and go to heaven if I got to meet the famous Mrs. Bower Power.

Shannon said...

I adore un-pc comments almost as much as bacon, therefore we should be friends.

I was just having this conversation with my older brother last night about how hard it is to make friends when your old. However, I think I might have made one at weight watchers of all places, so stay tuned for my courtship of her.

Audrey said...
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Anonymous said...

You had me at bacon.

Lacey said...

Would love to be friends with you IRL -- can I be your long-distance Canadian pal? said...

Lol, love your girl date idea.

Amanda said...

Wish I lived in Hot-lanta, I would be your BFF :)

Anonymous said...

Would you consider long distance girldating?!

John at This Young House said...

Wes, maybe you, me and Jeremy can start a spin-off bromance?

Lindsay said...

Hi I'm Lindsay! I just found you through TYH.

I love your ad - mine would be exactly the same except as much as I love bacon, I love ice cream more! :)

You are so added to my blogroll! :)

Themis0307 said...

Haha! LOVE TYL (how I came across your blog, in fact) and LOVE me some Edward Cullen. I would love to be your she-date, but I'm in good ol' Dallas, Texas. Sigh...

You have also inspired me to start posting my goals on my blog (why didn't I think of that before?). I'll be sure to give you the credit, though!

Good luck finding your lovely lady-date!

Vica said...

I live in ATL and have a copy of Pride and Predjudice if you want to borrow. I support anyone reading this book because it is fabulous. Even if you have seen the movie a million times (like me ) the book has so much to offer.

I live in Inman Park are you close?

Anna See said...

How fun is this? Love the classified-- too funny. I think I'm too old for you, but would love to hear about the thrifting escapades that ensue. Don't give up on Pride and Prejudice!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Katie - I fly free (Mother is in HR for Continental) and my hubby needs some bromance! Count me in fo sho.

PS - Love your dressing room sneak peak via TYH. If we become "real" friends we are totally hanging out in there with some wine and we'll have a SATC movie style fashion show. Tah-dah!

Kristina with a K said...

You could totally start "Blog Dating for DIYers" I would totally love to go on blog dates with other chick bloggers!

I'd love to blog date you but I live in Dallas. That's kinda far :(

Lindsay said...

I also found your blog from the latest TYH entry. Hello from Decatur, GA! While not a blogger, I'm totally addicted to the likes of TYH, Making it Lovely, Pioneer Woman, et al. Bacon = yum, despite recent hamthrax scares. Email proposing a girldate to follow.

Anonymous said...

Dying. You are a great writer. TYH recommended your blog and it is on my list. Keep up the humor and great project ideas.

Leah S. said...

You had me at Pottery Barn Outlet! Why do I have to live so far away from all you fellow blogging girls who have cute houses, great stores and the best goodwills ever. Let's be friends...subscribing now!

Kate said...


I'm an avid reader of TYH and found your blog through them today. I'm in my 4th year as a newlywed, also live up in the ATL suburbs (Alpharetta area), and would also LOVE to make new friends who don't live ITP.

Coincidentally enough, I just took a trip to the Pottery Barn outlet yesterday - ((SIGH OF HAPPINESS!))

Would love to connect - drop me a line sometime!

Rachel said...

#1- Birmingham isn't that far away for a girldate right???
#2- Love your guest bedroom makeover into a dressing room (my husband told me last night he wanted me to have one soon... YES, my HUSBAND said HE wanted ME to have an ENTIRE room dedicated to my SHOPPING ADDICTION. wow.
#3- Love your blog =)

Carson Dodley said...

EWF enjoys board games, thrift & antique stores, beer not wine, dog parks and improvised recipes seeking two blogs to inspire and brighten my day.

*update* Found both blogs! Squeeeel.

IRL friends? That's like meeting Nick Carter 11 years ago.

Carson Dodley said...

EWF enjoys board games, thrift & antique stores, beer not wine, dog parks and improvised recipes seeking two blogs to inspire and brighten my day.

*update* Found both blogs! Squeeeel.

IRL friends? That's like meeting Nick Carter 11 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, now John wants to get in on the action. We would have a majorly jam-packed weekend. We could golf, go to Home Depot, take bets on which wife will spend the most money at the Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and IKEA, ya stuff like that.

Katie said...

Wow ya'll, I didn't realize that I would be organizing bromances...but I like it!

Wes - throw in a little videogaming and I think Jeremy would be a smitten kitten! You & Jen need to come visit sometime!

Carson - ahhh Nick Carter - the Leonardo DiCaprio of the 21st it. And you should email me :)

Dear Rachel - #1 - no #2 - you will not believe how lucky you are until you see other peoples closets...then you will realize that normally, only 1/8th of the clothing will fit. It will change your life.

Sarah Danielle - fly on over honey! I know you like a nice dinner out and Atlanta has some good ole Southern cooking! We'd love to have ya.

XO - Katie

Shawn & said...

so katie, i am coming out of lurking to say that i love your blog and you crack me up! i also live in atlanta. i have to ask, where is this amazing pottery barn outlet?? i hope it's not out in the sticks somewhere. we live just beyond the city limits of atlanta by the chattahoochee.

well, back to the reason i commented in the first place: i think it would be awesome to be "irl" friends! i am hoping to start a design blog of my own sometime very soon. you and sherry and holly of decor8 have inspired me. not to mention fabulous nicole of makingitlovely.

p.s.-i LOVE bacon!! my boyfriend and i had bacon for 3 different meals this past weekend!