Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sherry Petersik's Picks

It's oh-fab-thirty and you know what that means!

I am back to share with you the items that were stashed in my tablesetting warehouse (aka the kitchen cabinet) that didn't make the video cut. I mean seriously...did you see that slew of stuff we laid out?!?! It was like Mr. Maxx exploded in my kitchen...you know, Mr. TJ Maxx? :)

Anyhoo, Sherry and I had a tough time limiting the tablesetting schemes to only 5 different tableaus. We tried to center each scheme on a different idea - a vibe like beachy, a food such as soup, a meal like breakfast, an inspiration piece such as a heirloom scarf, and an event like a bridal shower - all to demonstrate that your table can be set around ANYTHING. And while we were attempting our empowerment of tablesetters everywhere, some of our favorite things had to sit on the bench for our video.

But now here's their chance to get a piece of the action. Since I love everything I own (duh!), Sherry chose some of the items from my stash that tickled her fancy. So watch out Adam Lambert, there is some competition for the limelight!

Welcome to Sherry Petersik's Picks:

Graphic Red & White bowls had Sherry saying "obsessed, obsessed" over and over. I think she said something about them being crisp, and modern, and Hermes inspired (is she talking about the frog puppet?...I don't know...I wasn't good about paying attention) Either way, these lovelies could possibly be more flexible than a Chinese gymnast...pair em with green for Christmas, rattan chargers for a outdoor meal, or even just an all white tablesetting for a jolt of color.

I knew Sherry would love these rope handle servers from Pottery Barn. Not only are they right up her alley...err...beachy boardwalk but they are perfect for American-size servings. Pop em in a big ole bowl for a little salad bling. Plus the silver finish makes them oh-so-pretty with your basic silverware.

Complete surprise was the only reaction I had when Sherry was drooling over these handmedown cut-out napkins. I didn't take the girl for one who would like vintage linens, but I couldn't be more pleased that she jumped on the antique train with me. It's not like you can find this kinda gray on white stitchery these days! And if you were doing a tea for two...these little mouthwipers would have you questioning the value of your sleeve. Can I get an amen?!

Speaking of antique, this amber colored decanter set had Sherry at hello. We even put this together with some pen-art dishes & a jewel toned pashmina to demonstrate a little wine & cheese tasting table setting. It's kinda sad that it didn't make it past production. Boo us. But it doesn't take away from the fact that the little shot glasses would be perfect size to taste various reds&whites and the decanter could be housing your palatte-cleansing drink of choice.

We all know how Mrs. Petersik likes white...it reigns hue-preme in her house. And every table setter knows that #1 on the must-have list is white dishes. So it comes as no surprise that the pigmentless scalloped plates and white accent hearts played on her heart strings. Sherry said that she can imagine the little bowls filled with pink & red M&M's for a Valentine's Day treat...I remember very clearly when chocolate is mentioned.

These little red vases also made the list. Shocker...right? I thought that for sure she would by-pass these little 25 cent purchases for a more glamourous choice...but I guess the rosy color, the textured glass, and the small size (about 6") all spoke to her. And since she kept calling them candlesticks, I can only imagine that she would take all ten of them (yeah, I would collect packrats if I could) and arrange a long, twinkling centerpiece.

The glass footed ice cream dish was a shoo-in to be featured in this list of Sherry's picks. Afterall, what girl doesn't like a bowl that is guaranteed to hold something sweet?!? The scalloped edge of this Goodwill find is really the cherry on top. To me it screams "Southern Living" and since we are both living in the South (Richmond is technically below the Mason Dixon), this treat holder really knows how to give us a drawl after a mouthful of Ben&Jerrys.

**no chocolate was wasted in the production of this photo

I love the fact that the antler on our mantle actually made Sherry's list of tablesetting things. Not only is this structural, white, and a piece from nature (err West Elm)...but it would look amazing in the center of a holiday table maybe with a note that says, "Kids - tried to capture Rudolf...he got away. Merry Christmas." or with a bunch of silver and white ornaments. Or you could use it as an accent piece with stacked plates & napkins....just don't serve venison....that would be crossing the line...unless you are like me & have a twisted sense of humor.

Sherry really tugged on my heart strings when she told me that she liked this bright green vintage tablecloth. Yeah...it was my Grandma's. Springy, fun, shamefully unironed, it is the perfect size for a table of two. Sherry said that she loved the long fringe and the simplicity of the color scheme in the fabric. Me too, Sher, me too.

Lastly but certainly not least is the smallest of the items that made it into the Petersik Picks. Yes, these bronze nametags are only about two inches long but pack a huge sucka-punch. With their twine ties and the erasable pen, you can attach this mini message board with a general note (Happy 4th), a word of encouragement (U Rock!) or a personalized name (D. Shrute). Or tie around the handles of pitchers to identify which tea is sweetened, splendafied, or peach infused.

So there you have it. A list of Petersik Picks. But before you go, I thought I would take this opportunity to do something a little unconventional...open the floor for questions. Yes. That's right. Not questions about me...inquiries about our favorite home decor bloggers...JOHN & SHERRY. Yes...do not hold back people...you know I don't. So ask me anything. Have a question that you are too afraid to leave in the comments - email me. And I will spill the beans, dish the dirt, and in general get into the nitty-gritty of Blogland's elite. Big or small, I promise to give only blunt & honest answers :) And maybe put a celebrity reference in there. It's up to you.


lauren said...

I absolutely love your things- you have great taste. Where did you find the re-writeable tags? I'd like to find some for myself!

slip4 said...

Katie, I read your blog and the Youngsters every day. You both have beautiful homes! Loved seeing more of your house on their blog. When you said you would collect packrats if you could, I literally snorted out loud. Yes, very ladylike.

Amy @ Renovation Innovation said...

Came across your blog from TYH. I really like your selection of 'tidbits' and am excited to apply some of your ideas to our newly bought dining table. Gotta question for you - how do you decide on how many plates/vases/ceramic chickens to buy? It is best to buy in multiplies (if so, odd or even?). OR is your choice dictated by availability or cost?

Great blog - have added you to the blogroll on mine!

Mrs. McB said...

All great pieces! I love different ideas!

ammathews822 said...

Katie-I stumbled across your fabulous blog through TYH. Not only do I absolutely LOVE your style and everything you've done in your beautiful home...I love your sense of humor too. You crack me up! Seriously....the fact that you used D. Schrute as a name example for the tags! Hysterical :) Anyway...great house, awesome video. Can't wait to see what you and Sherry have in store next.

Karin said...

I'm only slightly less obsessed with the youngsters than you :)
Were Sherry and John the perfectly in love but not disgustingly, easy going, fun, stylish people that the seem to be?
Does John really give his opinions to Sherry? (She always writes "we" and I wonder if that means her and the dog or if John really gets in on it)?

Loved seeing pics of your house on TYH

Notes From the Grove said...

Would it be totally unoriginal if I said I found your blog through TYH? Oh well, too late ;o) I'm loving reading BOTH your blogs as my husband and I are in the process of trying to buy our first house! Your ideas have been a great source of inspiration!

Nikki said...

You both have great taste! I love the red and white bowls.

I'm still trying to come up with a good question.

Crystal Young said...

I have the same question - where did you get the rewriteable tags from. They are awesome. I am hoping to hold my first dinner party this summer or early fall, and am going to start to look for fun things to dress up my table! I just found your blog and can't wait to go through it.

Alicia A said...

I live in the Atlanta area and want to know what thrift stores you frequent? The ones around my home never have anything. Please sure where all the great thrifty places are!! Please!

Gillian said...

I love your blog! And your house! And am jealous you met the Youngsters! My question is how do you keep your china and other table settings necessities organized? Can we get a tour? I LOVE dishes and am always wondering where to keep them! :)

:::Lyzz::: said...

I have a question for you. Has anyone ever told you you look like Charlotte from Sex and the City? That was my first impression when I first saw your blog.

Shannon said...

I like these things. Very much. That Sherry girl has some gooooood taste. ha. While I will jump on the nametag bandwagon, what I really want to come steal from your home are the red and white bowls. They would be perfect for my crouton and italian dressing "salads".

Anonymous said...

are you ever going to reply to people's questions or posts?!?!?!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Ah! Those red and white bowl are SO awesome!

Anonymous said...

first, where are the red and white bowls from? they are amazing!

second, are you married? i swear i thought you were, but i keep reading posts where you say "boyfriend" instead of husband... i r confused.

Jennifer said...

love all of it! didn't take Sherry for a vintage-lover either. and didn't really, for sure know if that was your thing either. but now that I KNOW, it's official the ho-mance is on.

Katie said...

Sorry ya'll! I have been trying to break free to answer all your questions - but for some weird reason, my boss wants me to actually work. Strange.

Anyhoo! Thank you everyone for your sweet & kind words! And now onto your questions -

Hi Lauren & Crystal - I found the writeable tags at Pottery Barn outlet - they were $2 a box of four complete with pen. But I can imagine that you could find a similar little bronze jewelry cameo @ the craft store and add your own tie for cheap! Good Luck!

Hey Amy - excellent question. I could literally do an entire post just to answer this one. Yes...obviously cost & availability dictate my purchases. But so do space. I have a full set of plain white everyday dishes, white & silver china, and green glass dishes. Everything else, I buy either in sets of four (for a double dinner date) or six (for our future family) or just one (as an accent piece). Note that I also have a lovely husband who lets me have tons of catering items...which can be jazzed up with linens, paper goods, and misc. accent pieces. Hope this helps!

Karin - I will post on your question later - but you get 1000000 points for asking a Petersik question.

Hey there Alicia - Atlanta is awesome for thrifting. I hit up garage sales on the weekends, Goodwills, every major thrift store, I also like Craigslist, Ally's Antiques, the Antique Mall in Lilburn, Kudzu Antiques, and of course, Scott's flea market. For more specifics you can email me!

Gillian - yes. Probably next week I will post on storage for my dishes :)

Hey Lyzz - funny you should say that...I get that alot. I also have gotten Britney Spears, Jennifer Love Hewitt, that girl from Cheers, Jennifer Lopez (I guess they saw me from the back!), and numerous cousins, exgirlfriends, and highschool BFF's. I think I just have a really generic face that people can see others in. Good thing I have a bootie only JLo shares :)

Anon #1 - ahhhh....I'm doing it!!!

Anon #2 - The red bowls are from TJMaxx...discounted after Christmas. Click here for complete clarification


Hope that answers all of them!!!

XO - Katie

LyndsAU said...

I love love all of this!! I love yoru house and all the decor :)

Amanda said...

Just reading your comments below and hear you have a Pottery Barn Outlet near you... think I also read somewhere that you also have a Crate Outlet!? Girl, you're just so blessed! :) Haha

Anonymous said...

Did you freak John & Sherry out when they came to your house? In the picture you posted they look a little crazy around the eyes. Like maybe you were going to lock them in the basement and keep them!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I just came over here from TYH after watching your videos...I wish I lived in the South (NorCal here!) because you two are so funny! Great job on the video...so hilarious! Do you have anyone that is begging to make your duo a threesome? Err...you know what I mean! :)

Audieb said...

I know we're supposed to ask about TYH but my question is for you... what do you do for a living that allows you to spend so much time blogging and working on your house? I know Sherry works on the blog full time at home and i guess I always thought you did the same thing until you mentioned your job at one point recently... I'm so jealous that you have this crazy amount of energy you can poor into your house/blog/life!!!

Audieb said...

And by poor I meant pour...oops

Mary said...

Hey Sherry
I'm now addicted to your blog, as well as This Young House, thanks to a fabulous friend. I need to know where you got those napkin rings that you can write one. They are to die for! Thanks- Mary