Monday, February 16, 2009

We Moved...

...and we bought this new house.

Yeah - we decided to upgrade to a new pad with a bit more square footage...let's say around 175,000. And with these fabulous views -

For real though...for real people...we didn't sell our work-in-progress metro-Atlanta home for the castle that is the Biltmore Estate. In all reality, we only toured the home. The owners wanted us to buy it but we said that we needed more space and it just didn't work out. Besides, it isn't on the water. And I don't think our staff would appreciate downsizing.

So besides looking at potential real estate for me and my boyfriend, V'day was also a mini-vacation. My lovely boytoy decided to surprise me with a visit to Asheville and the mansion...and boy, was it fabulous and fun! Just like Jer :)

Unfortunately, photography isn't allowed inside the house (if you could call it only a 'house') but we got some amazing shots of the grounds.

The outdoor gardens weren't in bloom (Jeremy promised we would have to come back in a future spring, summer or fall to see all the flowers) but we did get a chance to explore the greenhouse. It was an alive paradise that just begged for us to lust for spring.

We stayed at a nearby hotel which had an amazing room with a huge comfy bed and an even bigger headboard. We also got to relax after a long day of wine tasting and touring in the hotel's hot-tub. Have I said that I want one of those before? Because I do. Badly.

Oh and did I mention the winery? Yea - you get a tour of the winery and a free wine tasting when you get to the estate. Above is the wine library of the many years of grape-induced beverages. And not only do they have your basic reds and whites, but sparkling wines, juices, and special occasion wines are for a reasonable rate after your tasting. Our favorite was a Christmas white wine and their 'Century' wine - both for the taste and the beautiful bottles.

And since we are discussing the trip that my lovely boyfriend got me in honor of our 09 LOVE day - here is what I got him...

It started with a clue here and a clue there - randomly hidden by the Valentine's day fairy...aka Cupid. When Jeremy put all the clues together (it took him all day to collect them), the guessing game began. Finally something clicked and he guessed correctly. Out came the wrapped present. He tore that sucker open and WAHLA!

That's right...I bought my baby a power tool. How romantic! How functional! How long till you can make me that headboard?!?!

So there you have it - our mini getaway and our v-day celebration. Hope yours was super awesome with a dash of romance. And if not, that's ok - live vicariously through us. Afterall, Bower Power is like a box of valentine's day chocolates......a sweet experience with a bunch of nuts!


Heidi said...

Sigh... power tools would make any man weak in the knees (or at least that's what my hubs told me). It looks like you two had a fantastic mini-vacay.

Freckles Chick said...

A bunch of sweet nuts indeed =) You guys are adorable! What an awesome getaway.
We toured Biltmore when we vacationed in NC a few yrs ago (blogged about it when I had, oh, 3 readers total). Absolutely loved it--can't believe peeps used to live there. The wine tasting was like speed dating but w/ wine! A good time was had by all.

LyndsAU said...

men and their toys :) I am glad yall had a great weekend!! i want one day to go to the Biltmore!! i have always wanted too! so beautiful!!

queenbee said...

Sounds like a wonderful V-Day was had by you and your man. Now, did you buy that powertool solely for the purpose that HE wanted it or really is it a mutual gift :)

Kim said...

You crack me up. What a great V-day.

Katie said...

Queenbee - shut your piehole :)

no was on the boyfriend's wish list therefore it counts as one kick-butt gift, right? I mean, some people would say that it is for me - and those people are not invited to leave any comments :) Let's make that a readers are only allowed to say things that increase my self-esteem and make me look like a generous and kindhearted wife...and you are also allowed to send me money. and chocolate.

XO - Katie

p.s. I am just asking for someone to call me gay again, aren't I?!?!

The Upstart said...

Aw, I love Biltmore Estates and Asheville. What a cool, funky town.

BTW, I can't resist but add that my French eyes/ears are they do when the hosts on HGTV/DIY/etc say "wala" instead of voila. Where did this come from? Why are people using this term?

Joi said...

Looks like fun!

Hope you get your headboard soon!

: )

Michael said...

I've wanted to visit for years's about a ten hour drive for us...maybe this Memorial Day weekend. Super cool weekend plan!

Michael said...

And can I be the first smart a** to ask why your photobucket bandwidth is exceeded. At first I thought I was missing out on the joke, lol!

Mrs. McB said...

What an awesome gift!!!! I love it!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast! :)