Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bakeware Blues

This past week Jeremy and I went on a mini-vacay...well sortof. It was a work mission trip with the youth at our church. Being a mission trip - it was a dream come true!

Let me give you a little taste of what it was like...


I was one of the three female leaders and I was really excited to be there. There will be more to come in a later post about how GORGEOUS the island is.

Unfortunately there was one night that was a little rough on us all. When the going gets tough, Katie gets baking! Ever since we got our oven, it has been a source of emotional relief for me. So here is some really cute bakeware - things that can put a bit of frosting on any situation!

Williams-Sonoma Garden Patch Cakelet Pan $24.99 (check out the video!)

Williams-Sonoma Railway Cake Pan $34.00 (definite wishlist item to make for my Cole-baby!)

Williams-Sonoma The Great Cupcake Pan $35.00 (this cupcake is 6" high!!!)

Chefs X and O Silicone Molds $24.99 (how cute for V-day!)

Chefs Mini Cheesecake Pan $24.99 (this would be perfect for showers)

Williams-Sonoma Heritage Bundt Pan $32.00 (don't really know how to make a Bundt but this cake reminds me of the Sydney Opera House so I can dig it!)

Now go get the blues so you can use these super cute wish list items! Believe me it will help - and if it doesn't, then you can send the goodies to me :)

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