Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moodboard Take 2

I know that right now the black and white thing is a little last spring but I still can't cut the cord - I love the combo! In fact, I have a bathroom right now that is in black and white and think it will never change - it's way too classic. So here is a moodboard that I put together as my ode to B&W.

1. Restoration Hardware's Chamfered Single Washstand in white is the best solution for a small bathroom in black and white. With a open feel and storage shelf below, this console will force you to keep things tidy in such a tiny space. It comes with a large pricetag but will be a forever investment that won't go out of style.

2. Gray's make me happy :) Paint the walls the lightest shade and accent with black painted furniture, and gray painted boxes behind your art to make them pop. Bright white trim in high gloss will make your bathroom sparkle (cause of it's light reflecting quality) and is easy to clean.

3. Ikea's Katrin fabric is only $6 a yard and is a good way to bring in the black. Don't be afraid to hang as a curtain or wall panel. Tip - Just be sure the room is balanced and all the black isn't all on one side or else you will feel yourself leaning.

4. These prints are our room inspiration - straight from the walls at West Elm. Good news for internet shoppers - these fabulous photos are framed, and under glass and only $40 each! You really can't do it yourself that cheap (believe me I have tried!) and the best part about it is that these beauties are pretty big - 28"x20" so no squinting. Who says aloe is only good for sunburn?!

5. Pottery Barn does it again - the Nash Candlestick sconce base is so classy it makes Audrey Hepburn look like a fad.

6. Bring on the zen with the CB2 Pebble Mat. This bath mat not only adds a spa quality to our b&w masterpiece - it adds texture diversity. The stones are washed smooth in the rivers of China so just close your eyes and you too can have a cross cultural experience.

7. Every room needs a pom-pom and this pillow from West Elm has enough to share. Made from terry cloth, it belongs in a bathroom! The cover is only $8.99 right now and would be perfect to throw on the chair or tuck behind your heading while taking a bubble bath. Monogramming is also available for this product.

8. Oh how I adore ladder racks! This one from CB2 is one of the finest ones I have seen because it has 10 (count em! TEN!) rungs for all the towels you can soak. Hang magazines, metal caddies, or decorative items to your hearts content. Personally I see sparkly ornaments come Christmas time!

9. Lanterns are H.O.T. right now and none are hotter than this three tealight holder from Walmart. For twenty smackers you can add to the mood while soaking in the tub - I think I want about five of these things! I might just pull out the tealight holders and put one fat pillar candle in there...I'll let you know.

10. Target is the best - they always have the classy knockoffs that I love and most of the time I like the Target version better. Fieldcrest Classic ceramic and chrome bath accessories are so timeless that your kids will want them after you die. These will add a little more "shiny" so that your bathroom will twinkle. Keep away from the soap pump though and stick to the soap dish - one review said the pump was an oozer!

11. When dealing with towels I believe in white. Yes, color makes me happy and boy do those blue, green and taupe towels look good at first - but come on people, the white towels are like God's gift to bathrooms! No matter how dirty your guests hands or bodies - color safe bleach can make them look 95% new everytime. I actually have these ones from Target and they are holding up great. And with a three year old nephew - that is saying A LOT!

12. I love chairs in bathrooms - something about a really ornate chair next to the tub makes me want to have toddlers and let them play till they are pruney and content. This one was a Craigslist find - only $19. Some black paint and upholstery curtesy of IKEA is just what the doctor ordered. Now I only need the babies...

So now for the feedback - love it, hate it, want something new? Let me know if this Black and White combo provides a punch in the pants or just makes you gray.

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