Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dog Gone it!

ooh - I want a dog! I want one so sooo much I could literally burst. However when it comes to dogs, I tend to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Part of me wants the cute, sweet, teacup breed that is just ADORABLE! I mean look at this photo...

Could you resist? The answer is NO - you could not.

But on the flipside, my forever dream dog is a chocolate lab. Oh just the thought of one makes me have goosebumps. Look at this sweet boy:

But the thing about labs is that you have to have the space to let em run - which is not really available right now. We would definitely need a fence. And when Jeremy hears fence, I know he hears CA-CHING CA-CHING CA-CHING!

So for now I will dream about having the itty bitty breed of my dreams - that would be the toy Maltese. And no - I am not one of those people that just want one so that I can dress it up and then discard it when it is inconvenient. It actually scares me to see animals in clothing. I just really think it would fit my lifestyle and my home. It is soooo lovable and cutie patootie...here baby...come here to Katie!


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