Friday, June 20, 2008

Outfitting a Room

Domino magazine and others have had a brillant idea of taking your favorite outfit and designing a room to inspire that same feel, reflect the same personality and transform a space from BLAH to AWE! You can see how they did it here.

So inspired by the mag, I also made an attempt to make a moodboard from my cute outfit. Here is the outfit from Ann Taylor Loft:

and here is my moodboard:

1. Crate & Barrel wets my whistle with this sisal rug. Natural fibers in the rug are reminiscent of the straw detail in the outfit purse. This rug is ideal for high-traffic areas and perfect to lighten up the flooring in my room.

2. The real star of this room is the sofa - the classic, tailored look is straightlaced and comfy - just like our outfit. Best part - it has stain repellent in each fiber! Gift from God - I think so. It's the Petrie sofa from Crate & Barrel.

3. I scheme, you scheme, we all scheme for color schemes! The main element in our room is beige and white - you can plug this photo into any palette generator and see that we need to have those as our underlying theme. Paint your walls white and you will have beachy dreams while snoozing on the couch. The accent colors are our green, dark brown and marigold (see those flipflops?). Over all the look is relaxed, casual, and classic (and reminds me of what I wear to eat at the beach).

4. Urban Outfitters is hit or miss for me a lot of times - but they hit a homer with the Chloe Gauze Curtain. So breezy and light, the curtain will add a splash of color on our walls without making it feel like someone got loose with the highlighter.

5. I'm a fan-a of Santana. The Pier 1 Santana Armchair and cushion that is. This latin hottie is made with a sturdy wood frame and is perfect for my room. The horizontal lines remind me of the green striped shirt and the rich color will ground my room without making it too dark.

6. This Ikea poster is my version of "SERENITY NOW!" but better :) For nine bones plus a frame, a dream can be forever hanging on your wall. The inspiration outfit would be perfect for a day, a week or even a lifetime of sailing like this. So walk - no run - cause Ikea is having a sale tomorrow and this might be on the list.

7. The legs on this table are almost as skinny as the model wearing the fav outfit :) jk...kinda. Crate & Barrel provides the bones for this room once again with the Jules Accent Table. Watch out - it's pricey! But on the flipside it does reflect light with it's inset one-of-a-kind antiqued mirror tabletop...and who can resist one-of-a-kind?!

8. This lamp is de-lish! I love how the shade is not linen as many would expect but snakeskin-embossed tan faux leather. Totally throws me for a loop! Fill the glass base with sand and you have a seaside inspired table lamp with a twist. Get it here.

9. What's a room without Ikea?! It's someones room who has money to buy real art. This wall decal is just a bit of girliness that we need to adorn that random spot we all have. I can imagine it next to the door curling around the light switch. And this is one pretty flower I won't forget to water :)

10. Nothing says beach like sitting on the ground - and this Henley Floor Pillow is perfect for additional seating. Plus, it is our green - casual like chinos, but punchy like a skirt.

11. PB Classic Striped Pillow Covers is the best way to incorporate those stripes and the color marigold in the same sweet move. Chills...everytime.

12. Canopy is my new obsession at Walmart. This embroidered Wave Pillow in stone beige is so cute and the pricetag totally floats my boat. Perfect to remind me of the beach that my fav outfit will take me to.

13. At least you'll have a place to rest after you pay for this perfect-shade-of-green Design Public pillow. With a $90 pricetag, your head will be a spinnin! However, if you should be so lucky to have that much moola for a pillow - can I please come over and hold it sometime?!

14. I love lots of pillows and this one looks like it was custom made for our room. The colors, the stripes, the comfiness...get it here.

15. My outfit totally has a beach style and nothing brings the seashore to a room like starfish. This natural beach element is on sale too - a large bag of these suckers is only $4 at Tropical Chic. I believe I will be buying several today :)

16. My Jeremy, like many men, think that ceiling fans should be in every room of the house. This one from Lowe's is the Monte Carl Yachtsman Ceiling Fan in Roman Bronze and is like something found in a resort by the shore. The dark teak fan blades and fine bronze details take me back to a time of sailors and swashbuckling. ARG!

So - what do you think? - too much browns and greens? think it should have gone a different way? - let me know so I can improve...I think I can, I think I can, I think....

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