Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dressing Room Before and After

Disgusting. I know. I am really embarrassed to even be claiming that such a room existed in our house but it did. The room is the closest one to the master bedroom in our home. Actually it was a easy decision to make it my "closet". It was soon dubbed my dressing room and the chaos began.

Whipping the room into shape was my goal this past week. It was a 'catch-all' cause we were waiting until we could purchase the wardrobers at IKEA. The frames were affordable - where the cost adds up is when you buy the doors and the interior fittings such as drawers and baskets. It was really fun to dream about the storage possibilities. You can plan your own Pax wardrobe here and it will give you an estimate of how much everything will cost. My Jeremy bought me everything that I wanted.

The racks would fall over pretty much once a week - they had to go! Now I hope to put a daybed along this wall with a cute sidetable under the window.

In the before pic, I couldn't even open the door all the way - it was cluttered to the MAX!

The closet doors now close...with ease :)

The key to maximizing storage is to go vertically. So much space gets wasted if you go only three quarters of the way up. We opted for the floor to ceiling unit to get everything to fit.

Additional storage - over the door shoe organizers are great for hats, belts, scarves, scarves, swimsuits, and well, shoes. I have also seen people use them for bathrooms to organize the many lotions, shampoos, and brushes. Have you seen other creative uses for shoes organizers? Please share!

Here is what we got:

1 Large Pax Frame with 2 rods, and 3 shelves

1 Small Pax Frame with 4 shelves, 2 clear divided drawers, and 3 wire

1 Large Pax Frame with 1 rod, 1 shelf, 4 wooden drawers, and 2 wire

Once I cleared the room, the paint job needed to be completed. Easy peasy.

IKEA makes it easy to assemble your new just have to make sure you pay VERY close attention to the directions - no words - only pics. Good luck!

It's hammertime!

This is the current lighting in the room. I want something girly and glamourous. Please vote on your favorite or suggest your own fantastic lighting solution:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Katie-Kat!!
Sooo...I actually didn't read your whole blog...ummm, i sorta just perused BUT I did want to leave my STRONGLY opinionated vote for your awesomely organized 'closet'!!! I vote for the girly glam, paper-dollar-look-a-like chandelier for your boudior (sp?). I think it would look very retro-ful. The other one is just WAY too shabby chic!!!
Anyway...that's my say for what it counts! Love you, sister-mine!!