Thursday, June 26, 2008

Panini Jubilee

Last night we made some mouth-watering paninis. They were absolutely delicious!

We loaded those suckers with grilled chicken, pesto, sundried tomatoes, mayo and mozzarella. But when it came time to press, melt, and toast...I was not prepared as I could have been.

Maybe if I had some new kitchen toys, the sandwich making would have been a little more enjoyable. These panini makers are im-PRESS-ive!

Emerilware Cast Iron Presses $25 each

(for the hardcore sandwich makers)


20-Something Superhero said...

We use a pan and lid style that we got at Costco, of all places for like $20CDN!! My bf loves his, and we used it Monday night to make knock-off sandwiches from one of my fave restaurants!!

Jessy said...

Just found your blog - I'm starting from the beginning :). Regarding a panini maker - we use our ($20) george foreman grill. Try it, its perfect!