Friday, June 6, 2008

I can be moody...

ok, ok, you can stop nodding your head - I am talking about MOODBOARDS - normally I would be a little scared to put one together (leave it to the pros) but with Bower Power anything is possible :) Here is my first one - for my living room - hopefully before and after pics to follow...

1. This is the 5-shelf Chestnut colored bookshelf that we purchased from Target. We actually bought two of these to put on either side of the TV. Jeremy - like most men - prefers to sit directly infront of the TV and is a believer in decorating around the boob tube (no conversation areas here). It was quite a delimma in a long and skinny room but now I have the flanking bookshelves (which provide a great amount of storage) as well as a happy husband. Luckily we already had matching end tables and a coffee table - so it works.

2. Our color scheme - that top color is our paint color - called Stony Creek from Lowes - we have gotten so many compliments on this one and although it is brown - some have said that it looks green in certain lighting. Since our massive tv is silver - we will work in the color through accessories to make it blend in (if that's possible). The white will lighten the room and the green will add a natural outdoorsiness.

3. Since we need all the light we can get (no upper lighting in this room), these curtains allow natural light to get in while allowing some privacy. The linen blend from IKEA are affordable and easy to hem so for all non-sewers, this is your curtain.

4. I have a very hard time with art - these posters are just what the doc ordered. Hanging above the tv in between the bookshelves, these white framed prints from IKEA will not only add some light and color to that side of the room, but will draw the eye up and make the room feel spacious.

5. Restoration Hardware is great - for rich people. I got a knockoff of this Camden Media Console at a place called Southeastern Salvage in Chattanooga, TN. And as much as I would love to be able to afford the original - the $1815 price tag is not possible. I can afford the $250 we paid in the Volunteer State! The Salvage center even did the legwork and had pics of both next to each other to show how you can't tell the difference (except at checkout time). This unit will be low and wide enough for the tv and for some artwork up top.

6. Open shelving is hard to be asthetically pleasing when you have a couple hundred DVDs and books everywhere - IKEA to the rescue! These boxes are about $4 a piece and hold 15 DVDs...perfect to keep them out of sight and add a punch of color on the dark bookcases.

7. Our Pottery Barn couch - we have a serious fixation with this couch. It is not only longer than most couches but wider as well - perfect for lounging. We have fit four people on it comfortably and the slipcover is machine washable - HEAVEN! The white is definitely needed to make the room feel lighter and brighter.

8. This Pottery Barn Palmetto pillow is the best combo of both worlds - white background for blending into the couch color and green that really pops. It also brings in that outdoorsiness that makes the room feel like you are relaxing in the green grass.

That's all I got for now - what do you think? Any feedback would be great! I will see if I can post some pics of the actual room soon. And hey, if I can throw this together - you can too! I would love to see moodboards of yours...

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20-Something Superhero said...

Your moodboard is great. I am loving how everyone does these, guess I am gonna have to get Photshop at home. Your room is gonna look so fresh and calm!! Greta job at keeping it affordable!