Friday, June 6, 2008

Rugged Warehouse

Yesterday I stopped by at Rugged Warehouse to do a little shopping. If you have never visited a Rugged Warehouse before - it is basically a scratch and dent clothing store - lots of stuff that is torn and stained (and fugly) but once in a blue moon they will have treasures beyond your wildest imagination. So I haven't been in a while but I walk in hoping for the best and low and behold, in the back are two full racks of items from Ann Taylor Loft. I hit the jackpot! Now I don't usually shop there - but some of their stuff is super-cute! So after some digging and inspection, I find four tops and a pair of pedal pushers from New York and Co. Then I go to the back and find these:

NaNa Daya

original price $64

paid price $5

So my bill for everything was under $30

It was a very good day.

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