Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Babies Abode

After talking to Stephanie last night, I was in full-blown baby mode. No mom, I am not pregnant! But whenever I talk to my friends who are expecting (which it seems like everyone these days!), I do get a touch of baby fever. And nothing quenches my thirst for all things munchkin like nursery browsing.

Of course, I had no idea that Walmart sold modern style bedding for tikes. In my surfing, I also discovered that the junk in Walmart's trunk is ON SALE!!! I especially love the Sumersault line - which is super cute and super affordable. Do you think the boyfriend/husband would think it's weird to decorate a baby room? I mean, there is nothing wrong with being prepared, right?!

Sumersault - Bubble Fun 4 pc crib set in green $80

Madison 4 pc Crib set $70

Sumersault Bubble fun 4 pc crib set in pink $70

Sumersault Blooming delight 4 pc crib set $50

Sumersault Star light Star bright 4 pc crib set $40

Little Bedding by NoJo - Huntington 4 pc crib set $50

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