Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes

In the past week, I missed my brother's and my new mother-in-law's birthdays. DOH! It was quite by accident (way to start out being a good new wife Katie!). I realize that that is quite a loss in terms of cards, gifts, money soooo I decided the only way to make up for it was to send...

pictures of cupcakes. Here is what I would have made you for your birthday Brad!

If only I knew how to cook.

These Super Mario Brothers cupcakes hail from the kitchen of Hello Naomi. Her flickr photostream is an amazing display of confection heaven.

And to you mom - I would (in my fantasyland) create a rose cupcake for a rose.

These beautiful desserts would be a sweet birthday treat for my sweet new mom! They were dreamed up by Angie Dudley of the Bakerella blog. Fantastic imigination on this woman!
Happy Birthday you two - I love you!

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