Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Wardrobe for $200

Baby fever is VERY contagious...be careful - you might catch it too! My friend Austin bought baby clothes for a baby she doesn't have. If that isn't deadly (to your wallet), I don't know what is. So be aware - this post is fully dedicated to the wonderful world of BABY GIRLS.

I am a proud aunt of a little bundle of girly joy named Clara. She is so precious! And if only she lived here I would shop for her all the time. The hardest part about baby clothes shopping is finding the right size - and boy...err...girl, does she grow like a weed!

This picture is kinda old - but you get the point - she is adorable! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a baby girl in the future to play dress up with. So in lieu of the whole child-bearing, child-birthing, and child-rearing process, I decided to put together a wardrobe under $200 that would be worthy of my little niece.

Here are all the different items.

1. Polka dot top $14.50

2. Red polo $4.00

3. Plaid top $7.99

4. Pink pullover $9.50

5. Navy polka dot shoes $14.50

6. White espadrilles $12.00

7. Blue stripe dress $29.50

8. Navy halter dress $12.00

9. Denim jacket $29.50

10. Green sweater $19.50

11. Navy leggings $12.50

12. Camel capris $5.99

13. Patchwork skirt $9.99

14. White chinos $16.50

15. Pink jelly shoes $6.99

The best part about this whole wardrobe is that everything came from Old Navy, Gap, Target or Walmart. So each piece is totally accessible. Go buy your favorite for the special toddler in your life and watch her little eyes light up with excitement. And they will too, cause all girls - even baby ones - have the genetic code for happiness when it comes to something super-fab!

I had so much fun mixing and matching - here are some of the outfits that I created for all the days o' baby.

1st day of School
Church dress
Birthday party outfit
Play date with friends
It is really fun to put stuff together - you try it and let me know the adorableness you created!


Austin said...

Katie. There is nothing wrong with being prepared.

Hatice said...

Hi, just found your blog. I have a baby girl (1 1/2). It's been awesome being able to dress her up and buy pretty things. I've admired baby clothes for years.
This is my issue though: Too many baby and kids clothes are just minature adult clothes!
Whatever happened to kids looking like kids?! I'm guilty of loving most of it but I do wish the clothes were as whimsical and imaginative as childrens' curiousity.