Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home Companion Magazine

oh. my. heavens. I think - no, I know that I am slightly in an euphoric state of mind. All due to the discovery of discoveries. The ying to my yang. The peanut butter to my jelly.

I have found for the first time (don't laugh) the website of Mary Engelbreight's Home Companion magazine.
And I am in love. Most of you will be like - duh, that's been around for - like - ever. And that may be true. I don't know. What I do know is that IT IS SUPER COOL.

Most days, I pour over magazines and websites that feature modern and sleek design. But let's be honest - I can only incorporate so much of that "newness" into my own 1974 home. We need a little traditional infusion to keep it down to earth. And Home Companion features traditional digs - sometimes they even have a little southern style :) like this - TA DA!

Click on the pic - make it bigger - awe over the spring-timey kitch. It is just lovely!

The best part of the website though is....

drum roll please...

the HANDS ON - HANDMADE Section.

Oh - I wish I was a better seamstress - then I could make these:

I think I will attempt them anyway :) That and I want to make the tag-alongs, carefree coasters, hang it up for the holidays hangers, and eyeglass cases! Oh the home-made goodness is overwhelming!

Let me know if you see something on there that strikes your fancy - and if you have ever attempted the crafts - I want to see end results - PRETTY PLEASE!

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Nornie Gal said...

I was totally looking at those slippers yesterday...thinking to myself "hmmm...I really wish I had a sewing machine"
Wait a min! I DO have a sewing if only I could get it back...

hint hint :o)