Monday, July 21, 2008

Cole is FOUR!

Cole turned four today! He had a family birthday party and got to do stuff normal four year olds would love to do - trash the living room, stay up late, and eat as much cake as he could stomach. I think Jeremy was a little jealous :) jk.

I thought I would post the fun party pics.

Presents galore - the best ones were outside - a trampoline, a sandbox and a new bike!

I made Cole a drag car cake for his birthday. This was my 2nd cake ever - 1st one was for Jeremy's b'day in December. It was really fun to dream it up! Overall it was actually pretty delicious.

Cole decided to also decorate the cake with a four candle - he pushed that sucker in before we could say no. He lodged it in there pretty good - maybe he will be a cake decorator?!

Cole also got to cut the cake - don't worry it was with a butter spreader!

The whole cake was edible except the windshield. YUM!

Cole didn't wait - he went for the windfoil and got a mouthfull of chocolate. It was killing us how he would take the tiniest bites :)

Jeremy & I wanted to get him a powerwheels - but since he was getting a bike & a scooter, we will have to wait till Christmas.

He wasn't super excited about all the clothes we got him for his first year at school - but his mom said they were needed more than motorized vehicles. And since I don't ever get to shop in the baby section of Old Navy - I enjoyed picking them out.

Remember the book I got him? Yea - it was a hit!

Cole stylin in his new shades! As Cole says "That's cool. That's awesome!"

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