Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Penney's Saves BIG Bucks

I brainstormed last night to the sound of gunfire. Was I in the ghetto? no. Was I watching a cool new movie? no. Was I in the comfort of my own home? Yes - the boyfriend was playing what I call Badge of Honor - I think most refer to it as Call of Duty 4. I can never remember the name. I do try to be nice and not smash the game in half when I have a headache complain, but honestly - can't they make the sound effects a little less realistic?!

Anyway - I brainstormed about all the lovely things to make our newlywed chamber a bit more like "oh-what-a-lovely-master-suite" rather than "oh-I-see-you-have-a-bed-in-this-room".

So here are the additional items that I found at Target & JCPenney. Who woulda thunk that Penney's had such purty items!?!

I want to cover the entire wall behind our bed with creamy floor to ceiling drapes. point-Designer showhouse. Then have some wall sconces peak out above the dark wood nightstands and place the Target chair in the corner with the BB&B pillow. Maybe later I can post pics of our currently uber-blah bedroom. Do you think it will go with my current Master bedroom wish list?


Happy Mommy said...

Hi! I agree w/ you about JC Penney...they have some cute things. I love your blog!

Nornie Gal said...

ok Mrs. Bower, I am loving the floor lamp for sure! I was actually looking for a similar item for my apartment (behind/beside my oversized green chair - you know the one!) that at JCP?

Katie said...

That's right Nornie Gal - get it on sale at JCP. But be forewarned...if you buy the last one I am stealing it from you in the middle of the night :)