Saturday, July 12, 2008

Always a Bride, never a Wife

I am off to Tennessee for the Chattanooga Bridal Show. For the last six years or so, I have had the blessing, nay the honor, to participate in the show by modeling. And this year I get to model in it again...YEA! It is the funnest dress up ever!

Bridal modeling is the best - you have to be able to fit in whatever the store has in stock and the average bridal gown is ordered in a size 8. (It's because you can take a wedding dress in two sizes for the smaller gals!) So, me in my robust (kidding!) size 6 can hold up the gowns long enough to walk down a runway and look good. It is really REALLY fun!

The best part is that this time my boyfriend, my mom, and my sister are all participating too!
BOWER POWER! I will post pics definitely...

FYI, for all you brides out there - David's Bridal is the sponsor of the show and they totally have launched a new line called Modern Expressions. Way more contemporary than their normal fare and cute to boot! Here are a few of my favorites - I would pick one in a punchy color for a party. This line of dresses gives a whole new meaning to "oh and you can totally wear it again!".

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The Rauths said...

how fun! wait...boyfriend? i thought you were a newlywed =)...hope you had a wonderful time!